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Eastern Bikes – Big Stew Edit

“Eastern Bikes has been hooking up Brian Stewart up for a few years now and I’ve always been stoked on his riding. A few days ago he sent over this awesome edit. So hit play and watch Big Stew hit the streets. Thanks for sending this over!”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes – Negsrc In Austin

“Earlier this year the NegSrc crew went to Austin, Texas to celebrate Zack Roberts birthday and ride bikes. It was a real fun trip and everyone had a blast on and off their bikes. Nothing crazy in this video but a good time for sure. Head over to and have a look around that site.”Eastern Bikes
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Eastern Bikes “Tranny” Bars

“Have a look at the new Eastern Tranny bars. These team-level bars are the highest quality bars we make; rider-designed and approved so you know you can trust them. The Tranny bars come in sizes from 8” up to 9” giving you plenty of choices. An EB logo embossed on the double-butted crossbar just adds a little detail to your bar and the grip tubing is multi-butted to increase strength and save weight. For peace of mind, Eastern Tranny bars come with a limited lifetime warranty. Available now at your local Eastern Dealer.”EB

Eastern Bikes “Nitrous Ratrod” Forks

Eastern Bikes’ “Nitrous Ratrod” forks are a great upgrade for all you who are just getting a little better at BMX. They are fully chromoly forks with tapered legs and 6mm thick dropouts. They are available at your local dealer and came in black, chrome, gloss white and gloss orange.

Eastern Bikes – Brett Silva Friday Flick

“Brett Silva just sent me over this edit his buddy Kenny Kelly filmed and edited at their local park. When you first look at this park it looks like there isn’t too much going on with it. But Brett always seems to find some great lines and Kenny did a great job on the video.” Eastern Bikes
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Eastern – Nick DiGeroloma “Give Me A Brake” Edit

“Eastern Bikes’, Nick DiGeroloma is currently brakeless. He likes to switch it back and forth to keep things fresh. Earlier this year when he still had his stoppers on, we filmed some random clips that I put together for this “Give Me a Brake” Edit. Nick is currently filming for the Hunt, so look out for that and see his riding sans brakes.”Eastern

2013 Eastern Bikes Catalog

Guys over at Eastern Bikes just dropped their 2013 catalog featuring all their complete bikes, frames, bars, forks, stems, grips, seats, pedals, cranks, sprockets, tires and more.

Eastern Bikes “Nitrous Throttle” Bars

“If you are looking for a reliable replacement bar or want to step up a bar size at a great price then maybe you should try the Nitrous Throttle bars. These bars come in a wide range of sizes from 8 to 9” rise and are made from 100% chromoly. With an MSRP starting at just $39.99*, Throttle bars are the most affordable 9” bars on the market. Look for Nitrous Throttle bars at your local dealer in the next few days.”Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes “#Flashback” – Mike Andrews 2007

“Back in 2007 I was in Orlando for a few days and filmed this video of Mike Andrews. Mike has a style all his own and is not afraid to use his front brakes. So check out this Flashback of “Heyman”. Look for more Flashbacks.”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes

How To Nosepick With Adam Banton

“Adam Banton is known for doing some original moves. And a lot of them involve his front brakes. In a BMX world dominated by brakeless riders Adam is not afraid to let trends stop him from doing what he does and forgoes what anyone thinks. In this video he shows you how to do on of the staples in his front brake madness, the nosepick. So get some front brakes on your bike or borrow a friend who has them and get to work having some fun.”Eastern Bikes
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