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Eastern Bikes – Vulture Limited Edition Complete

“The Vulture is one of four limited-edition models from Eastern Bikes. This bike features the original Grim Reaper look as well as a great parts package like double-walled rims, sealed hubs, Eastern crown pedals and more. Read on and see everything on this bike…”– Eastern Bikes.

Eastern Bikes – Zachery Rogers 2012 Edit

“The winter has been pretty mild here in North Carolina. That’s been good for Eastern Bikes’ Zachery Rogers. He has been filming a lot over the winter and put together this great edit. Western North Carolina spots have been blowing up lately!”Eastern Bikes.
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Eastern Bikes Scavenger Hunt

Eastern Bikes is giving away a set of Diode rims and a pair of Fuquay-Flyer tires. All you have to do is click on this link, answer on four questions and with a little luck you may be the lucky winner.

Eastern Bikes – Josh Perry Two Day Jaycee Winter Session

Josh Perry Two Day Jaycee Winter Session from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“The winter in Greenville, North Carolina has been pretty mild. Josh Perry takes advantage of it and rides the Jaycee Park for two days and gets some clips. This is a warm-up video for something else that he has in the works. Stay tuned…”Eastern Bikes.
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Eastern Bikes – Joe Haley 26″

“Not only does Joe Haley work here at Eastern Bikes but he kills it on his bike. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a 20″ or 26″, Joe rides with style. Here he rides the Eastern Nightrain at some local spots in North Carolina. You can call this product testing, Joe just calls it fun.”Eastern Bikes.

New 2012 Limited Edition Eastern Completes

A quick promo for eastern Bikes’ limited edition 2012 complete bikes. Check the whole line on this link.
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Nick Digeroloma Welcome To Eastern Bikes

Welcome Nick Digeroloma from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“Eastern Bikes has been hooking up Nick Digeroloma for a few years now so we figured it was time to make it official. Yeah Nick, stoked to have you on board!”Eastern Bikes.
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Eastern Bikes – Justin Fouque

Eastern Bikes – Justin Fouque from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

“Justin Fouque is one of our riders from France. I asked him if he had any footage laying around and he has his friend Louis Thomas send me this. Justin is a fun guy to be around and likes to go high. So here is a video of Justin riding some local spots and just having fun.”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes.
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Eastern Bikes 2011 – Best Of Josh Perry

“Our 2011 “Best Of” ends with Josh Perry. Josh is always down to film and ride his ass off. This edit shows just that. Josh is capable of doing some big contest tricks and then throwing down some incredible street moves. And not only that but Josh is a great dude too. Yeah Josh!”– Leigh Ramsdell, Eastern Bikes.
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Eastern Bikes Facebook Clip Contest

“Eastern Bikes will be giving away a set of Motley Cranks. All you have to do is put a clip of you riding on our Facebook Fan Page. Just one clip. It doesn’t have to be the hardest thing but we would like to see some creativity. A few of our pro riders will help pick the winners. The contest starts today and ends January 31rst. The winner will be anounced February 1rst. Be safe, wear your helmet and have fun!
1st prize winner will receive a set of Motley Cranks, BB and Shogun Sprocket.
2nd prize – Shogun Sprocket
3rd prize – Wiz Grips

Here’s How You Enter:
1. Film a clip of you riding.
2. Post the clip on Eastern Bikes Facebook Fan Page
3. Wait patiently as February 1rst approaches to see if you won.”