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Eclat’s Sean Burns And The Insane Gap To Manual

Do you still remember that insane gap to manual on a tiny little rail from Eclat’s Natives series featuring Sean Burns? I know you do, well here here is now the filming process how it went before it got pulled. First an icepick, then a crash and later pulled perfectly.
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Eclat “Natives” Episode 6 – Sean Burns Part 1

And we finally have it. The sixth and final episode of the Natives series from Eclat featuring Sean Burns is here. Eclat started with this searies back in March 2013 with all their pro riders and this is the last one now which is split into two parts. They visited Sean Burns’ home town and asked him several questions about his early days and about how damaged his body is – and it is damaged a freaking lot. In between words there is plenty of wild and insane riding with several nasty crashes. Must watch.
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Eclat In Shanghai Extras – Super 8

Back in 2012 the Eclat team headed to Shanghai on a trip and here is a collection of clip Eclat’s team manager Paul Robinson managed to film on a Super 8 camera.
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The Eclat Unify Seat

The Eclat Unify seat is a seat and seat post combo with alloy inner core providing the strength with injected plastic around it to form an incredibly strong one piece post and seat base. here is a short video showing you the details and if you would like to know more about it, visit Unify’s product page.
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New Eclat Apparel

Eclat has all bunch of new apparel goodies ready for you guys to rock them on. T-shirts, tank tops, zipper hoodies, hats and beanies, just enough to find something the will suit you best. Go and check all these products out.

Eclat 2014 Products Now Online

Eclat dropped the news that their 2014 products are now online, with all the specifications and additional photos. Plenty of hot products they have to offer the world, so hit it and check them out.

Dan Coller welcome to Eclat AM

Eclat added a new member to their AM team in the USA and it is Dan Coller. To make everything official and in style, they dropped this sick welcome to the team edit, which has quite a few bangers. From technical stuff, grind combos and smoothly pulled tricks in the air and tons of style, Dan is a badass and this is a really good proof. Enjoy.
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Eclat – Phil Demattia Edit

Phil Demattia’s latest Eclat web edit was filmed over at The Boneyard indoor skatepark by Will Evans, who also put the thing together. Phil is not your everyday rider, he looks at riding completely different and is a master of crankflips and manuals. This edit will make you go “wow” for several time, so hit with your mouse and see what I am talking about. Seen on TCU.
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Eclat “Natives” Part 5 – Geoff Slattery

Eclat is back with the fifth episode of the “Natives” series, featuring Geoff Slattery. They visited his hometown, checked where he grew up, the trails he rode and asked him questions about BMX, life and more. All these series are amazing to watch and I am just wondering what will the sixth, the Sean Burns’ one, be all about.
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Eclat – Dillon Lloyd 2013 Edit

After being off the bike for a while due to a really bad crash, Dillon Lloyd is now back and already murdering street spots for his sponsor Eclat. The manual down that rail towards the end was mad. And this is “just a welcome back edit”?
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