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DIG X Eclat Tyre Giveaway

“We’ve teamed up with the guys at Éclat again to give you the chance to win a year’s supply of Éclat tyres (6 pairs)! All you need to do to enter is: ‘Like’ DIG and Éclat on Facebook and then share this photo. Doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?! For more info on the tyres, head over to We’ll announce our winner on 13th July. Good luck!”– DIG

Shane Weston Eclat “Moon” Grip Promo

Here is a promo edit for Shane Weston’s signature Eclat “Moon” grips. Once again, Shane bring out his unique and one of kind riding that is just amazing to watch. The hop cannonball was pretty crazy.

“As this grip had such a unique look there was no way we could use our normal bar end with it. So, with Shane we worked up a design which blended perfectly into the style and shape of the grip and the rest is history.
The final compound is a really soft 23° durameter, high quality Kraton rubber. It’s both soft and comfy but at the same time feels sticky with loads of grip. At 150mm long it looks awesome on a wider bar, and the tighter 19mm internal diameter means there’s plenty of life in them too!”

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Eclat Freecoaster Sneak Peek

Eclat posted a sneak peek of their upcoming freecoaster called Blind. No info on this thing yet, no release date yet, no nothing. Maybe this is going to be Shane Weston’s signature?

Geoff Slattery On Eclat

“We’ve always been very sure of our team and incredibly selective when it comes to new editions, for us its not just about getting the heavy hitters or the guys that enter the most competitions, in fact it’s more about diversity and friendship. It’s no lie that Geoff’s been getting parts from us for a while, it’s also no lie that the founding members of this team wanted Geoff on board from the start. Its nice to know that things came around and Geoff has landed himself on what we think is a progressive and versatile team and we are more than happy to welcome Geoff to the team. Heres to Geoff!”Eclat

Eclat Wax

This is the final picture of the new Eclat wax, made in the USA. No release date yet, but at least you can see in which colors this one will be available.

Andy Roode Verde / Eclat Bike Check

This is Andy Roode’s new edit for Verde and Eclat, that he is riding fro through Ten Pack Distribution, he filmed around the street spots of Vancouver. It’s not an actual bike check edit, but it has some really proper rail moves in it.
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Eclat – Enter Shanghai Trailer

Teaser for Eclat’s second Free and Sleazy tour where they visited Shanghai, China. Nathan Williams, Chester Blacksmith, Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco, Iz and Sean Burns exploring the city and trying to get the most out of it. Full edit will drop on July 3d.
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Eclat In China Disposables

Eclat’s team manager Paul Robinson sent over to Dig a few disposable photos from the recent Eclat in China tour. Click here and check out the photo gallery.

United X Eclat “High & Bound” Tour

Make sure to check full poster after the jump.

“United & Éclat have teamed up to venture the high roads of California and make it to the hills of San Francisco. Midway through the trip we are hitting Pacific Ave Cycles in Santa Cruz for an Instore signing and demo, come ride with the likes of Nathan Williams, Shane Weston, Chester Blacksmith, Corey Martinez, Geoff Slattery, Christian Rigal and Iz Pulido.

Monday 28th May from 4pm
Pacific Ave Cycles
318 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 471-2453

Keep an eye on for content from the trip, and follow #highandbound on twitter and instagram for updates on the road.
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Eclat Enter Shanghai Update

Eclat made an awesome photo update from their China trip that are currently on. I really can’t wait to see the edit that will come out from the trip.
In case you missed the first part of Free & Sleazy Tour, click here.