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Eclat – Nathan Williams And Stevie Churchill Posters

If you visited Eclat’s booth at the Interbike 2013 show, you probably picked yourself up Nathan Williams’ and Stevie Churchill’s posters, if you haven’t, too bad for you, well, at leas you can check it out now.

Interbike 2013 By Ride BMX Part 4

This time around Ride BMX has been focused on the We Make Things people, so what that means is that you will be seeing the completely new footwear line from Almond and new Eclat and Wethepeople products. Along with that they also hit up Tony Malouf to talk about the new version of his signature BSD frame. Check more after the jump.
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The Eclat Maverick Cranks With A Sean Burns Test

Eclat is presenting you Chester Blacksmith and Sean Burns talking and testing the new and coming Burns signature aluminum Maverick cranks. No welds, 22 mm and 48 spline drive makes this a very strong cranks and Sean Burns’ also demonstrates how he is usually testing cranks at the end of the video.
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Eclat Vent Sprocket Guard Preview

At Eclat’s Interbike 2013 booth they have the new and upcoming Vent sprocket guard, that uses the popular three spoke shape design. If you are cruising around the bike show, make sure you visit them and check this piece in person. All I can say is that it looks really smooth.

Anthony Perrin Eclat Ad

Anthony Perrin scored himself a print ad from Eclat that is featured in The Albion magazine. The photo was taken in Hong Kong, shot by Steve Bancroft, and it is Anthony jumping over this rail.

Eclat Kolibri Hubs Sneak Peek

Eclat Kolibri hubs sneak peek at Eurobike 2013

OK, I am pretty pissed right now. I was really looking forward to see what Eclat will be bringing to Eurobike 2013, but it looks like I was there too soon and missed the stuff. Anyways, they dropped a sneak peek of their upcoming Kolibri hubs, front and rear. Two more product getting in the Oil Slick game.

Eclat Natives – Chester Blacksmith

I really do enjoy all this Eclat “Natives” parts and the forth installment in the series is no different. Chester Blacksmith talks about BMX in general, BMX today, where he grew up and how BMX has made a big impact on the direction of his life. Along with all the words there a few really good clips from Chester, taking it to the next level. Seat back, relax and enjoy.
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Eclat Ridgestone Tire Promo Feat. Shane Weston

Second promotional video for Eclat’s new tire, Ridgestone tire, featuring technical wizard Shane Weston. We know this guy can get really angry when not pulling the trick, but when he pulls it, it is pretty much all the time unreal and wild. Shane put the Ridgestone tire to a proper test. Filmed by Nathan Williams.
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Eclat Ridgestone Tire Promo Feat. Sebastian Anton

Promotional video for Eclat’s Ridgestone tires featuring Sebastian Anton, giving them a proper test on the streets. Nathan Williams and Shane Weston were two of their team riders who were involved in the process of making this tires, so you know it is design ‘especially’ for street riding. Also, Sebastian nailed down a few really smooth moves.
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Eclat – Spot The Security Guards

OK, here is the deal, Eclat will give one lucky winner a package full of products worth over $500. What you have to do is watch the video above for one more time and write in the comment section, below their post up on their Facebook page how many security guards are in it.