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Cofee Break – The Eclat Spoke Key

We saw Eclat’s spoke key ring a little while ago, but here is a proper look at it and how functional it is. Made out of heat treated crmo, it will always be with you and help you tighten spokes after a heavy session.
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Eclat – Kings Of Kong Tour

Eclat team riders Dillon Lloyd, Darryl Tocco, Nathan William, Shane Weston and Anthony Perrin took a trip to Honk Kong last month and tried to get the most out of it. With a heavy crew as this one you know heavy, wild, crazy, ridiculous and insane stuff will go down and they sure did. All five pulled a big amount of serious stunts and this video documents them all. You better get comfy and seat tight, cause otherwise it will blow you away.
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How To Install The Nathan Williams Signature Eclat Stem

Paul Robinson, Eclat’s team manager, runs your through the installation of Nathan Williams’ signature stem, so there won’t be any complains that someone break something. The method, pinch system, is very simple to use, the only thing you must know is that there is no gap in the front of the stem. So yes, tighten that first and then the back two bolts.
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Sebastian Anton Interview And Bike Check

There is a quick interview up on the Eclat web site with one of their newest riders from Germany, through Traffic distribution, Sebastian Anton. Sebi is an up and coming name in the BMX scene, young ripper who is a proud member of the Eclat team. There are also some photos of the bike up on the site, that you might be interested in checking in.

Eclat Natives Part 2 – Darryl Tocco

It is time for a new episode of the Natives series from Eclat, featuring Darryl Tocco. The guy who came out with his amazing back brake style of riding, various different technical combos, the guy who is one of the best in the world of filming and editing is here to talk about the BMX, the internet and a lot more along with nailing down some really good stunts on the streets. Chester Blacksmith’s is coming next, stay tuned.
I guess this episodes can easily compete with Mutiny’s Cool Story Bro. Both are very original, unique, put together and filmed on a ridiculously high level. Enjoy.
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Homeless Guy Tries To Ride BMX

On a trip to Atlanta the Eclat crew met a homeless guy who wanted to try to ride a BMX bike, but the result was not the brightest. A sip of vodka and off you go. But it turned out he was OK (at least it looks like that) and they gave him a few buck for being brave.
“In Atlanta we met a homeless guy who told stories of seeing the cramps when he was just 13, he had a freezer pack of vodka and was already half cut when we met him. I guess he thought he still had guts to do something crazy.
We would like to point out that riding BMX while under the influence is not something we condone, nor do we do it ourselves. Our advice would be to stay away from it in fact.
Life is real though and occasionally you happen to see a drunk guy drop a big ledge on a BMX.
The outcome was he was okay, we helped him with enough money to get the train to the hospital to get a check up, I’m not sure if he spent it on more vodka though.”

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Eclat Nathan Williams Stem Out Now + Promo

Nathan Williams’ signature top load stem from Eclat is out now and above is a quick promo with a few riding shots from Nathan himself. The steam is CNC machined out of a 6061-T6 alloy brick, weight 289g (10.19oz) and comes in three different color options, black, blue and high polished.
“Right from the start we knew that the signature stem for Nathan had to be something special. As a start Nathan had some interesting ideas to incorporate, and once we had settled on a toploader with a lower offset we then worked out the aesthetics. In order to give the stem a cleaner look we opted for a pinch clam, so that the front side of the cap would meet flush with the stem body. We then worked out a way to sink the rear part of the cap into the stem body in such a way that it hid the botls from view. This unique feature gives stem a distinctive integrated look, and at the same time grips the bar with incredible force.”

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Eclat – Sean Burns’ Car Smash

The sixth and last part of the Natives series from Eclat will be all about Sean Burns and no one else. The final product will drop very soon, but to tease you up a little bit, here is a pretty insane roof drop that lead straight into a car. I can not wait to see this one.
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Stevie Churchill Welcome To Eclat

Stevie Churchill has now officially joined the Eclat pro team with this banged of a welcome to the team edit. We could say that this one is not the craziest one, but still, there are some freaking insane combos in here and all pulled like it was nothing. Stevie never disappoints, so hit play and enjoy this black and white piece.
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Eclat – Sniper Level Promo Feat. Darryl Tocco

Eclat BMX asked Darryl Tocco to put their Sniper lever to a test and film a few clips to get a promotional video done. First watch Darryl ride and get a brief info about the lever and that go to the Eclat web site to learn more about it.
“The Sniper lever was designed from the very beginning to be the ultimate brake lever in all senses. The shape of the lever itself was sculptured for the perfect reach, with a slimmer center section and winder at the end where the finger pulls. This improves the ergonomic feeling of the lever and therefore the force you can comfortably apply on it. The backside of the lever is flat, so that when the lever is pulled tight, there is still maximum clearance to the knuckles of the other fingers. We used a cold fogging process for the lever parts as this offers increased strength characteristics over casting.”