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Darryl Tocco Eclat Ad

Darryl Tocco throwing bars for Eclat’s newest double paged print ad that is featured in the 14th issue of The Albion magazine. This ad is all about Darryl’s signature 24D Window pivotal seat.

Greg Henry Bike Check

Ten Pack Distribution made a bike check with Greg Henry’s freshly painted Wethepeople C.R.E.A.M. setup that you can now check up on their web site. This is such a dope looking bike, stacked with Wethepeople and Eclat parts.

Northern Embassy – Dillon Lloyd Layover / Hangover Day

This new Northern Embassy creation was filmed on a Saturday, May 25th, on the day when Dillon Lloyd was leaving Montreal for Hong Kong for the Eclat Kings of Kong trip. It was a wild night for Dillon, so this was his layover/hangover day, but he still kept himself busy, hitting a few spots to get some riding done to get all the alcohol out. Filmed and edited by Jeremy Deme.
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Eclat The Ridgestone Tires

First of all, I really don’t know why Eclat makes a new post on the site and set it to private, or is this just a little trick to make me even more curious what the post will be featuring. The Ridgestone tire is Eclat’s newest tire and comes in two versions, a slick version and a knobbly version, for more grip. It was Nathan Williams and Shane Weston who picked the name and it was the whole team who was working on these. For more photos and specifications head over to the Eclat web site.

Sebastian Anton Welcome To Traffic Distribution And Eclat

15 years old Frankfurt, Germany based rider, Sebastian Anton, is the newest addition to the Traffic Distribution who will be ripping it for Eclat. May the age not fool you, cause this kid already has both, style and tons of skills. The long icepick grind was so rad.
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Eclat – Kings Of Kong Tour

Eclat is sending Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco, Dillon Lloyd, Nathan Williams and Anthony Perrin on a trip to Hong Kong and Peter Adam to film and document their adventure. With a team as heavy as this one you never know what will happen.

Eclat Natives Part 2 – Nathan Williams

Here is the second installment in the Natives video series from Eclat featuring Nathan Williams. They followed Nathan to his home town, to see where he grow up, Nathan also talks and shows you the first rail he cleared when he was 15, talks about baseball, internet and more. Along with this interview you will be enjoying in tons of really good riding. Just hit play and watch this one, it’s real good. Filmed and edited by Paul Robinson.
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The SDS Dystem By Eclat

The SDS system from Eclat (switch drive system) has been developed a couple of years ago, but never went into production, but now, when they finally made all the changes, made it stronger and easier to assemble it is available with their 2013 hubs.

Eclat – The Nathan Peg

And there you have it, the Nathan Williams signature Eclat nylon/steel pegs. The popularity of plastic pegs is on the top level at the moment, almost each and every brand that produces pegs now has plastic pegs, but it is Eclat that brought things to another level. They made a thin but yet very strong steel pedal and injected plastic around it, so these two can not be separated. When you grind down to the steel, you simply turn your peg and grind again. Find out more on these up on their site.

Eclat Natives Part 1 – Shane Weston

In March Eclat started working on a six part series called Natives. Each part will include one of their pro riders and they started with Shane Weston. Watch Shane as he talks about why he gets mad, his hometown, why he moved to Nashville, why everyone should run a freecoaster and more along with some original and creative moves at some of his local street spots. Filmed and edited by Paul Robinson.
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