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Morten Pedersen Edit

Tons of style from Eclat and Simple rider Morten Pedersen. He hit up his local indoor skatepark and filmed enough clips to make this one enjoyable, black and white, web edit. I am sure we can expect a lot more from this guy in the near future.
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Eclat – Free And Sleazy Full Video

Now this is awesome. Eclat now three together all three parts of the Free And Sleazy tours that took back in 2012 to make one thirty minutes long video for your viewing pleasure. If you somehow missed all three, or you just need to watch something longer, here you have it. Filmed and edited by Will Evans.

Eclat OZ Seat

There is a product feature up on the Eclat site showing you their OZ seat on the IZ’s bike. The brown leather look, minimalistic design and mid version look really good. Head over there to get a better view at it.

One more thing. I already spotted this news up on Eclat site yesterday, but was for some reasons protected. It is pretty much the same with every news they drop. I don’t know why they are letting us wait for so long.

Dillon Lloyd Bike Check

Make your way over to the Eclat web page to check out what Dillon Lloyd is currently riding. Along with Nathan Williams’ signature stem and Vent sprocket this is a dialed whip mixed up with Macneil and Eclat parts.

Nathan Williams Eclat Ad

Nathan Williams with a nollie switch icepick grind down the rail for Eclat’s latest print ad to promote his signature Nathan top load stem. Do I have to say anything else?

Eclat Dynamic Hub

Head over to the Eclat web page to get a proper look at their Dynamic front hub and get all the specifications you need, before buying one. This hub looks really clean and this is something what Eclat is really focusing on, besides all the best features they try to achieve with all their parts.

Eclat – A Life On The Road Part 2

Eclat is already back with the second part of their A Life On The Road interview, where they interviewed Nathan Williams, Shane Weston and Chester Blacksmith. Air miles, preparation for long flights and more.

Eclat – A Life On The Road Part 1

Any rider out there likes to travel and experience different cultures, riding different spots, or just to have some fun with his mates. Eclat started with a new section called On The Road, where they will be asking their riders about being on the road. For the first part they interviewed Sean Burns, Darryl Tocco and Geoff Slattery.

Eclat Jaw Rims Available Now

After two years of working and testing it out, the all new Eclat Jaw rims are out now and ready to shred. This rim may look a little weird at start, but when you find out that you won’t need to take of your tires, or remove your wheels anymore, just to replace a broken spoke, you will probably get stoked about it. This one is made specially for brakeless riders and comes in black, blue and high polish. Find out more about this rim on it’s product page.

Eclat The Vent Sprocket

This is one of the finest sprockets that Eclat ever produced. Fully CNC machined out of a 6061-T6 alloy brick, this three spokes style The Vent sprocket comes in three different colors, black, blue and high polished finish. Spokes are internally machined to reduce weight, but still keeping it as strong as possible. For more closeup shots visit their page.