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Nathan Williams X Eclat #Instaicepick Contest

Nathan Williams came up with a cool idea for an Instagram contest, where you can win yourself Nathan’s Eclat stem, four plastic pegs and a limited edition Eclat DVD. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself pulling an icepick grind, upload it to Instagram, tag it with #Instaicepick and #Eclatbmx and follow both Eclat and Nathan on Instagram. Your photos will appear in the feed on Eclat’s web page.

Inside Eclat

Eclat’s team managed Paul Robinson did an interview for Ride UK last month about the brand, it’s history, why it was started, design, Eclat being different, trying new things and more and now you can read it up on their site in full.

Eclat – OZ Seat Review

Eclat made a really cool review of their OZ seat, to show you in details what is making this seat so strong. If you haven’t ripped your seat before and check the inside of it, now is you chance to get a good inside look. Any suggestions what could be done to try and improve the pivotal seats even more?

Eclat – Shane Weston Is Mad

There are some riders out there who lose their control really quick and Shane Weston is one of them. I know how pissed you get trying one trick over and over again fro one hundred plus time and still can’t pull it. Nathan Williams dropped this quick and pretty interesting edit of Shane getting mad. Don’t really into throwing my bike around the place, but I know I sure will curse like crazy when killing myself on a trick. Must see.
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Catching Up With Darryl Tocco

Eclat recently caught up with Darryl Tocco to talk about the move from California to Austin, Texas, fresh spots to ride andfilming and editing for the upcoming Kink “Squash It” DVD.

Eclat – A Minute With Phil Demattia

Spent a minute with crankflip master and Eclat rider Phil Demattia shredding some indoor ramps. Phil is a really original rider, who gets stuff pulled that you would never expect it will be pulled. 360 cranfklip to manual to 180 was nice.
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Eclat Zap Grips

These are the new Eclat Zap grips. If you like flangless grips, but you don’t mind having a bit of flang, these might be perfect for you. Zap grips are made out of soft kraton rubber, are 190mm long and available in four different colors, black, blue, white and gum. Find more photos here.

Eclat E-Tool & Spoke Key

There are companies offering bikes tools around the globe, but Animal Bikes, The Shadow Conspiracy and now Eclat are one of the first that started offering multi-tools. These tools are amazing and even look really cool. Not long ago Eclat also released a brand new spoke key, that will fit perfectly on your keys. Get more photos of both tools here.

Eclat – Dillon Lloyd + New Website

If you know Dillon Lloyd and if you are familiar with his riding, then you already know that what you will be seeing above is full of craziness and damn good riding. You are right. Dillon’s new Eclat web edit is insane, especially last three clips. Ever saw 180 to double peg to tailwhip out before? or double peg to hop over opposite tailwhip? Watch it and then click here and take a peek at Eclat’s all new website.
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Eclat Darryl Tocco Windowseat Available Now

Eclat’s all new Windowseat, Darryl Tocco’s signature, is available now. If you are looking for a not too fat and not too slim seat and get a better grip when pinching your seat with you legs, this one could be the one.