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Face Time With Chester Blacksmith

ESPN dropped a new installment in their Face Time videos featuring Eclat, Wethepeople, Lotek and Shitluck rider Chester Blacksmith talking about the move back to Portland, sponsors, his signature frame and more.

Nathan Williams Eclat Ad

Nathan Williams with a hang 5 down the ledge for Eclat’s latest print ad that will be featured in the tenth issue of The Albion magazine. Shot on their Free & Sleazy tour.

United X Eclat – High & Bound Super 8

This is so damn good. Eclat’s team manager Paul Robinson brought with him the small super 8 camera on the High & Bound trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles, capturing some sweet riding and non-riding clips. Sometimes you really don’t need crazy high technology to make things look amazing.
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Interbike 2012 #1

Find out all about the new products of your favorite brands like Merritt, Macneil, S&M, Fit, Verde, Wethepeople, Eclat, Almond, Lotek, Primo, Mutiny, United and more here, here, here, here and here.

Inside Eclat Blind Freecoaster

Some find this interesting, some don’t, well I know I do. The Merged posted a photo at how will the new and upcoming Eclat Blind freecoaster look like from the inside. Find more about it here.

Iz Pulido Eclat Ad

Iz Pulido is the guy who is on the latest Eclat print ad that is featured in the latest “Legends” issue of Dig magazine, with an opposite double peg to feeble to hard 180. Sick line.

Eurobike 2012

If you haven’t been at the Eurobike 2012, guys over at Evans Cycles were and also shot quite a bunch of new products from Wethepeople, Eclat, Cult, TSG, Proper, Total BMX, Stereo, Odyssey, Sunday, Failure, Fit and more. Some really cool stuff will be coming out later this years and in early 2013, but the best one, spotted in this gallery was sure Odyssey’s Killington sprocket.
You guys go check the products out by clicking on this link.
There are also some photos of the products and reviews (unfortunately in German) up on Leichtsinn.

Eclat At Eurobike

This week is a week dedicated for the Eurobike, Europe’s biggest bike trade show, where all the big companies came. The first one that we got a few sneak peeks of is Eclat. You can see some of their new and upcoming products above and below, but most notably are definitely Nathan Williams’ signature plastic pegs and the Multi tool.

Chester Blacksmith Eclat Ad

Eclat’s latest print ad featuring Chester Blacksmith with this crazy feeble grind from their Free and Sleazy Shanghai trip. You can find this one in DIG and The Albion.

Eclat Onyx Cranks Promo W/ Ashley Charles

I somehow don’t remember seeing this before, my bad, or maybe it is just now that came live. Ashley Charles with a few tricks on the streets to promote Eclat’s Onyx cranks. You can’t go wrong with Ashley even if there are just two riding clips from him.
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