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Monster Energy X Vans – Project Fusion

Last week David Budko and Ed Zunda made a trip to Romania where they met up with Alin Moldovan and spent a week shredding this new indoor ramp facility. All three did a really amazing job with their riding, what makes this one a must-not-miss edit.
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Ed Zunda Quickie

This might be a short Ed Zunda web edit, but may the length not fool you, because it is a really heavy one. So many great trick combos in here, but the last up nose manual to double peg stall to hard 270 barspin out was definitely the craziest one. Hit it.
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The Hunt 2012 – Ed Zunda

And here we have it now, finally. The winning section from The Hunt 2012 video contest featuring no other than Ed Zunda has dropped on the web as part of Ride BMX’S Monday Edits. Three minutes of solid street riding, style and simply amazing stuff. Ed really killed it with his section and no wonder why he earned himself a spot on the Odyssey team and a trip to Hawaii. If by any chance you haven’t seen this thing yet, you must watch it now, I guarantee you, you’ll gonna enjoy it and you’ll get pumped enough to go out and throw down a session with your friends.
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Simple Bikes – Skatepark Session 2013

Adrian Malmberg, Ed Zunda and Sascha Roll from Simple Bikes hit this skatepark (I just can not remember where this one is located, but somewhere in Germany) and nailed down some proper stuff. Sascha went pretty original with his riding and Adrian and Ed pretty tech, but all three killed it with their style and tricks. Enjoy.
Filmed and edited by Dominik Wrobel from Woozy.
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Make It Happen 2nd Teaser – China

Teaser for the second chapter of the global video project called “Make It Happen” was a trip to China, starting in Hong Kong. Riders that went on a trip visiting some unreal and amazing spots were Josh Harrington, Brian Kachinsky, Ed Zunda and Greg Illingworth. Besides all the amazing shots I really like seeing all four of them wearing helmets, yep, Zunda also. Teaser made by Will Evans. Enjoy.
The Albion is one of the supporters of the project and they now have photos from the second adventure up on their site. I highly recommend you to check them out, because there is plenty of goodness.
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Odyssey X Simple – Ed Zunda In Germany

Ed Zunda recently spent three days in Germany with Dominik Wrobel from Woozy and a couple other fellow BMX riders. Three days were just enough for Ed to produce a solid street web edit for his sponsors Odyssey and Simple. You know Zunda never disappoints and this one is no exception. The last double peg to hard 180 out on that step and short rail was mad.
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David Budko – In Barcelona We Trust

Got stoked immediately when I saw name David Budko in the title. David and Karolis Jonikas took a short trip to Barcelona, Spain to enjoy all the beauty that city is offering and of course to get a new edit done. David is an all around rider, he can go really tech with his riding, but he is no stranger to pulling big gaps and drops. Two guest clips by Ed Zunda.
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New BMX Rider Cover, Issue 6

This is the cover for the already sixth issue of the BMX Rider magazine, a German based magazine about BMX. This time Adrian Malmberg scored the cover with this sweet barspin, also there is an article about this guy and Ed Zunda inside this magazine, so go grab a copy and read what they are up to.

Oskars Zajarskis Welcome To Superstar

Oskars Zajarskis aka OZ is the newest addition to the Superstar team and to make things officially he recently hit up the Monster Park in Riga, Latvia with Janis Cunculis to film some dope moves and lines for the welcome to the team edit. Edited by Ed Zunda.
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Par BMX – Best Of 2012

Par BMX also decided to threw together the best clips they filmed over the past year and mix them with a few never before seen lines. Riding from Ed Zunda, Ruslan Kurilin, Janis Cunculis, Kristaps Reimanis, Juris Strautmanis, Oskars Zajarskis and Arturs Grikis. Rest in peace Arturs.
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