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Eki Vainikka – Indoor Edit

Eki Vainikka – #IndoorEdit from Signature BMX on Vimeo.

The winter is in and it is hard to ride outside, so we will be seeing a lot of indoor stuff in the next months from Europe shredders. Eki Vainikka hit up three indoor skateparks and stack a few clips here and there for a new Signature BMX web video. Everyone who knows Eki’s riding will definitely enjoy this one and all of you who don’t know Eki, get familiar now, this kid is a shredder.
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Verde – Mikael Savolainen’s One Night At Suutarila

Verde’s Finnish representer Mikael Savolainen hit his local Suutarila street plaza one night, to get some stuff for the company done. The plaza is fun and Mikale fired out a few sweet moves. Eki Vainikka was the guy filming all these.
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Mellon 7’s – Eki Vainikka

Eki Vainikka is one lucky Finish shredder, since he didn’t have any serious injuries yet and we all hope it stays like that (we also wish all the best to everyone out there, injuries are the worst), but he suck at telling jokes. Still, he is a very nice guy and T1 ramp is his favorite place he ever ridden. Find more about this kid after the jump.
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Eki Vainikka Video Bike Check

Eki Vainikka built himself up a fresh new United Mothership bike, flew to Canary Islands and enjoyed the warm and sunny weather. While over there he hit streets and skateparks to shot a few clips of himself riding the newly built bike and a few of his bike. For more photos you need to visit United’s FB page.
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Etnies Finland – First Session At Sokeva

Etnies Finland riders Eki Vainikka and Markus Manninen headed to the newly built indoor skatepark in Finland, called Sokeva Hall. This short clip was filmed on the very first session at this park, so we can easily expect plenty more stuff coming out from here in the future.
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Eki Vainikka – Just Chilling In ATX

Eki Vainikka is definitely not chilling in Austin, Texas, but he is shredding a couple of skatepark and T1 ramps over the course of a few days that he spent over there. These are just some random clips that Eki found laying around his hard drive.

Eki Vainikka Summer Memories

Over the summer of 2012 Eki Vainikka just enjoyed his vacations and riding and didn’t actually went on any filming mission at all, he just filmed a clip or two here and there at this trails, local sketapark and a few street spots and now put them all together for Signature BMX.
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Mikael Savolainen X Eki Vainikka V Hollola Skatepark

Quick split edit featuring Verde rider Mikael Savolainen and United rider Eki Vainikka getting things done at the Hollola Skatepark. Both of these two are getting support through Signature BMX.

Fox Riders At Simple Session 12

It’s been a while since the last edit from Simple Session 12, but here is a new one, so lets remember SS 12 together for one more time with Fox riders Pat Casey, Eki Vainikka, Aaron Ross and Drew Bezanson.
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Eki Vainikka Osiris NYC83 Promo

Eki Vainikka – Osiris NYC83 VLC from Osiris Shoes Finland on Vimeo.

Eki Vainikka is an Osiris riders in Finland and they just dropped a promo for NYC83 shoes, the Subrosa colorway. Watch this black and white quickie from Eki riding the indoor park in Kontula in Helsinki, Finland.
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