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Dead Era And Xpedo In Arizona

Dead Era and Xpedo riders Trevor Fitz, Matt Christoni, Emmet Thomas and Cameron Hollingsworth recently took a weekend long trip to Arizona and this is what they managed to film. They hip up a few concrete skatepark and filmed plenty of good stunts for your viewing pleasure.

Emmet Thomas – Keep On Truckin’ 2013

Looks like today is the day of wilderness and insane web videos. 15 yr-old Emmet Thomas hit me up with his “Keep On Truckin’ 2013” edit, which is straight fire. From some super fun tricks, to big and insane stuff, Emmet killing it in this one. He also hopped on a “micro” BMX bike for the little guys and showed us a few hot moves. Filmed and edited by Sean Zaidi.
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Reamonn Ryan And Emmet Thomas Split Edit

This is a fun split edit featuring Reamonn Ryan and Emmet Thomas getting things done on the streets and at the skatepark in front of Ray Sharifi’s lens. A few double clips, a really low hand plant and some other hot moves.
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Trevor Fitz X Emmet Thomas – Breakfast

Nope, you won’t be watching how 20-yr-old Trevor Fitz and 15-yr-old Emmet Thomas are eating breakfast, what you will watch is some damn good skatepark riding from these two Dead Era team riders. If there wouldn’t be a description under the video on Youtube, I would never know Emmet is only 15. Enjoy.
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