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Shadow Conspiracy – KIL In Review

2013 was a busy year for The Shadow Conspiracy crew, being all over the United States making Keep It Local tours as sick as possible. Here is a collection of the footage filmed on tours featuring Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Lahsaan Kobza, Johnny Devlin, Ben Hucke, Seth Kimbrough, Drew Bezanson, Eric Bahlman, Albert Mercado, Mark Burnett and Jono Hoping.
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Shadow “Keep It Local Tour” – Texas

The Shadow Conspiracy riders, Seth Kimbrough, Johnny Devlin, Ben Hucke, Eric Bahlman and Tom Smith are going on a trip to Texas, as part of their Keep It Local Tour. They will session the Lone Star State, visit the Texas Toast Jam and of course film for their upcoming full length video. For more details about the shop stop check the flyer above.

Wedge BMX Jam

There was a jam hosted at the legendary Wedge spot in Phoenix, Arizona recently with help from Kore Bike Shop and here are video highlights to show you what happened. Featuring riding from Lahsaan Kobza, Adam Banton, Eric Bahlman, Drew Hosselton, Cody and Dawson Clark and more.
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Eric Bahlman’s Day In The Life

Spend a normal day in the life of Eric Bahlman from washing his Bug and bike to cruising around town, eating pizza and having beers with mates. Eric is spinning his bars so fast that he travels through time. You don’t believe me? It is a true story and you can watch what I am talking about above.
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Volume Bikes – Eric And Drew’s Dam Adventure

Volume Bikes’ riders Eric Bahlman and Drew Hosselton recently made a trip to this amazing concrete wave behind the dam at Bartlett Lake in Arizona to give this amazing spot a ride. Volume threw together a flipbook now including some cool shots from the trip and a few words from Drew.

How To Backwards Grind To Indian With Eric Bahlman

This is actually a how to for 180 to backwards double peg to switch (indian) 180 out, but I went with the same title as Ride BMX did. Eric Bahlman will pretty much share with you everything you need to know about this grind combo. Find a flat ledge and start practicing.
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Mediocre At Best Promo

Bobby Kanode is working on a new independent BMX film called Mediocre At Best, that should be out in fall 2013. This one will include riding from Joey Motta, The Wonder Twins, Aaron Maxwell, Dean Watson, Eric Bahlman, Lahsaan Kobza, Drew Hosselton and Troy Blair. Here is promo/trailer to give you a little idea what to expect.
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Volume – Drew Hosselton And Eric Bahlman Split Edit

Man, how could you not love this new Volume Bikes Drew Hosselton and Eric Bahlman split web edit? It is fun, enjoyable, creative, original and includes so much good stuff that you don’t want to miss. Both of these dudes are two really creative riders and both came out amazing. I am sure a lot of you will watch this at least two times if not even more.
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Game Of Bike W/ Nathan Williams, Shane Weston, Eric Bahlman And Lil Pat

Now this is pretty entertaining. Nathan Williams, Shane Weston, Eric Bahlman and Lil Pat recently threw a game of bike down on a flat ground, pulling tricks out of a bunnyhop only. I won’t say who won, cause I would ruin everything, but I will say that Shane’s 180 downside tailwhip is so freaking smooth.
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Eric Bahlman Front Yard Session

Check out Shadow Conspiracy’s Eric Bahlam building himself up that blue machine, that you saw a little while ago, refreshing his ramps with new logos and throwing a chill session down in his front yard. I would love to throw a sesh down on this flat rail and ledge.
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