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Alex Kennedy, Eric Lichtenberger And Shawn McIntosh Skatepark Edit

Alex Kennedy, Eric Lichtenberger and Shawn McIntosh along with Cody Lavesque having some fun at the Cherry skatepark in Long Beach, California. Things get pretty technical in here with a really solid ender from AK. Seen on TCU.
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Strange Days Episode 4

Aaron Brenner, Augie Simoncini, Caleb Quanbeck, Eric Lichtenberger and Miles Rogoish getting things done for the fourth episode of the Strange Days. All coming out hot, but I must say that the highlights was definitely chainless wallride from Miles at the end. Seen on TCU.
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Strange Days Episode 2

The second episode of Strange Days was filmed over at the Tip Plus ramps and flat rails and ledges and features riding from Miles Rogoish, Augie Simoncini, Caleb Quanbeck, Aaron Brenner, Gabe Brooks, Eric Lichtenberger and more. You know you can not get wrong with a crew of riders like this, so hit play and get ready for a dose of goodness.
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How To Wallie With Eric Lichtenberger #2

We have already seen one how to wallie with Eric Lichtenberger made by Ride BMX and today here is another one from TCU. If two how to videos for the same tricks aren’t enough to teach you the tricks, than watch them over and over again. Wallie is fun trick and you can be really creative with it.
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Trip With Stranger Mixtape Volume 1

Trip With Stranger is an all new mixtape from the new crew, featuring Gabe Brooks, Miles Rogoish, Caleb Quanbeck, Eric Lichtenberger, Aaron Brenner and Augie Simoncini. The riding is amazing, all went all in, the filming is amazing and so is the editing. No matter what you are doing, I highly suggest you, you watch this one and don’t miss it. Stranger is on it this year and stay tuned for more from the brand after the Interbike, where they will be unveiling a lot of news stuff. Seen on TCU.
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Stranger Team Clip

Now that was really fast. Earlier today we drop the news about the new Stranger team and it is now that we are posting about a web edit including all six members, Gabe Brooks, Miles Rogoish, Eric Lichtenberger, Caleb Quanbeck, Augie Simoncini and Aaron Brenner.
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New Stranger BMX Team

This is the list of riders that will be representing Stranger BMX to the end of 2013 and maybe also 2014. We saw Gabe Brooks parting ways with Kink and look, he already found a new home. The riders are Brooks, Miles Rogoish, Eric Lichtenberger, Caleb Quanbeck, Augie Simoncini and Aaron Brenner. Now I really hope we will be seeing a lot more from Stranger, then we did over the past year.

Ben Hucke’s Non-Invitational Jam Highlights

Now this one is pretty epic. The Ben Hucke Non-Invitational jam happened on July 27th and here are the highlights showing pro riders like Jared Washington, Jake Seeley, Eric Lichtenberger, Matt Beringer and others pulling the most insane tricks. Last up double peg to flat from Dylan Stark was bananas.
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Eric Lichtenberger Off Odyssey And Sunday Bikes

Now this is something that no one really expected coming, Eric Lichtenberger has parted ways with Odyssey and Sunday Bikes.
“Everyone! So I’m no longer riding for Sunday Bikes and Odyssey BMX. Just wanted to say thanks for everything you guys have done for me.”

Broc Raiford Welcome To Dan’s Comp

First amazing Eric Lichtenberger web video and now Broc Raiford’s welcome to Dan’s Comp edit. Two ridiculously good and amazing pieces at a time. Stew Johnson and Broc had a few problems with skateparks, but they still came out with a collection of dope clips, all well filmed and edited. It is Broc and you know he never disappoints.
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