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Eric Mesta Welcome To The Daily Grind

Eric Mesta from THE DAILY GRIND on Vimeo.

San Francisco based street shredder, Eric Mesta, is the newest addition to The Daily Grind squad and his welcome to the team edit is full of technical stuff, grinds, barspins, crankflips and other stunts. Solid.
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Eric Mesta At Lake Cunningham

Eric Mesta with a quick edit, filmed at the Lake Cunningham skatepark and it includes rails moves and rails moves only. Ever saw a crankflip to feeble grind on a round rail? Check it out, cause it is solid.
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The Daily Grind – DGmixtape Vol 2

The Daily Grind once again produced an amazing mixtape video featuring riders that are part of the DG team, or are good friends. You will see street riding and you will see skatepark riding from riders like Tony Cherry, Scott Steele, Ryan Howard, Mojo Vance, Mitch Doran, Devan Denham, Noah Foster, Mark Hobbs, Eric Mesta, Dustin Voegler and Gremlin.
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We Out Here Mix 2

Felipe Gonzalez still had some clip on his old camera from the We Out Here crew and decided it is time to put them together before it is too late. Featuring riding from Casey Barnes, CJ Arnold, Dylan Sparkman, Ryan Wood, Eric Mesta, Marcos Revuelta, Brendan Bbertolini, Ty Callias, Aaron Bartlett and Felipe Gonzalez. Last truck is huge.
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W.O.H. Productions Mix – We Out Here

Three minutes long mix edit that was made by Felipe Gonzalez and featuring riding from Joey Cobbs, Dylan Sparkman, Kurt Russell, Brendan Bbertolini, Kyle Frazier, Tristan Adams, Caleb Quanbeck, John Ivers, Joel Husley, Felipe Gonzalez himself, Ryan Wood and Eric Mesta.

Crux Division – Eric Mesta

Nick Stout went to San Francisco back in August, met up with Eric Mesta and filmed clips with Eric for this new Crux Division edit. Mesta has a solid classic style of riding that really is missed in nowadays’ riding.