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Behind The Scenes – SE Bikes Part 3

Here is the third part of the four part behind the scenes series from ESPN featuring SE Bikes’ Todd Lyons giving you an inside look in the factory where their bikes are build, from welding, to paining, building wheels and building complete bikes. 50 bikes in an hour? That’s pretty sick.

ESPN “Behind The Brand” – SE Racing Episode 2

If you would like to know a little more what is cooking behind the SE Racing brand, hit play above and hear it from the brand manager, Todd Lyons. Todd is a really busy guy who spends most of his time on computer answering Skype calls and e-mails and when he is not on the computer, he is probably in Asia working on a line of bikes and products.

Mike Meister Video Bike Check

Colorado shredder Mike Meister runs you through his current setup, tells you about the switch back to riding pegs and does some sweet street and skatepark riding. Filmed and edited by Justin Benthien. Seen on ESPN.
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Remembering X With Robbie Morales

ESPN dropped another episode of the Remembering X series, this time with legend Robbie Morales. Robbie remembers his first appearance in the X-Games as a judge at X Games 1 and the broken collarbone at the X Games 2 back in 1995.

FBM Bikes – On The Road Episode 4

The fourth episode of the “On The Road” series ESPN made with FBM Bikes from their 2013 Summer Tour. It was the seventh day of the tour and the crew had fun shredding a flat rail and destroying the cement skatepark in Jake Seeley’s hometown.
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ESPN “Behind The Scenes” – Rick Thorne Episode 4

The fourth and final episode of the “Behind The Scenes” series from ESPN they did with the one and only Rick Thorne. From his kids, to the music and how he never gives up and how he will be riding BMX forever, there is some really motivational stuff inhere.

ESPN “Behind The Scenes” – Rick Thorne Episode 3

The third episode of the Behind The Scenes series from ESPN they did with Rick Thorne is here. Take a deeper look inside the fame, the media exposure, the money and all the crazy wild things that was going around his life back in the day and later dropping low, but now getting back. Hit it.

Behind The Scenes – Rick Thorne Episode 2

In the second episode of ESPN’s “behind The Scenes” series, Rick Thorne talks about wearing black and only black for the past 15 years (even if he started to wearing other colors, he still considers himself the Rider in Black) and all the media stuff he found himself into. Rick really is all over the place.

2013 Texas Toast Jam Dirt Finals Highlights By ESPN

Get another dose of style and madness from the 2013 Texas Toast Jam dirt finals, brought to you by ESPN. Mike “Hucker” Calark, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Doyle, Dennis Enarson, Ricky Mosseley and many more going big.
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Behind The Scenes – Rick Thorne Episode 1

ESPN and Aaron Nardi are back with another series of Behind The Scene, this time with the legend, the Biker in Black, Rick Thorne. The first episode is about his early days, how he met up with fellow pro riders and how he was doing more than 100 shows in a row.
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