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Esteban Bustamante Medellin 2013 Edit

I don’t even follow any more how much edit Esteban Bustamante already dropped this year, but here is a new one, filmed at the street and skatepark spots around Medellin, Colombia. The filming might be poor, but that doesn’t ruin all the stuff Esteban nailed down.
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BMX Mix 5

Madellin, Colombia has a pretty solid BMX scene and here is a mix video, that Esteban Bustamante posted on Vimeo, featuring Angel Leon Restrepo, Andres Ochoa, Sebastian “Kamion” Isaza, Cristian Porras, Ferdy Mira, Esteban Bustamante, David Vidales, Omar Calderon, Daniel Guerra, Juan Ka Ramirez, Gustavo Yepes, Brayan Pulgarin, Sebas Martinez and Juan Manuel.
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Two Esteban Bustamante Edits

Looks like FBM’S Esteban Bustamante is on fire lately. In just 24 hours he dropped two edits, one for FBM and the other as promotional video for the upcoming Medellin BMX video. The filming and editing may be a little rough, but Esteban is killing it the hard way. Enjoy in some Colombian action.

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FBM – Esteban Bustamante Edit

Esteban Bustamante is doing it in Madelin, Colombia for FBM through Nucleon BMX shop. At first I thought this one will be a bit sketchy, but damn all the riding Esteban pulled is crazy good, especially that last barspin to nose manual to barspin. Definitely worth a watch.
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Esteban Bustamante Edit

Esteban Bustamante from Colombia has unreal nose manual control. You will see one long one at the start of the edit, followed by a few other combos, a decade, 720 and a few gaps. Esteban is also representing FBM through Nucleo BMX over there.
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