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Devon Smillie’s Trip To Simple Session

Devon Smillie’s Trip to Simple Session – More BMX Videos

It was a long trip to Tallinn, Estonia for Devon Smillie and even when he got here his bike and cloths didn’t showed up. And he wanted to take it a bit seriously than last year. Hear from him in the video above.
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Make Sure To #Hashtag Fun 420 Times

I think we all know how Tallinn, Estonia looks in the winter days, when there is full of snow, because of the Simpel Session, but now let’s check out how it looks when the sun is shinning and the weather is a bid warmer. This is a twelve minutes long video of solid Tallin street shredding. These guys are damn good.

Simple Session Day 4 Finals Photo Gallery

RideUK posted up a photo gallery and some really dope sequences from the fourth day of Simple Session 12, the finals. Above you have Tony Neyer’s best trick winning combo and here you have all others.
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Simple Session 2012: Finals

Simple Session 2012: Finals – More BMX Videos

Man, I could watch highlights from Simple Session 12 finals over and over again. Here is another one brought to you by Vital. Featuring Dan Foley, Josh Harrington, Simone Barraco, Scott Ditchburn, Drew Bezanson, Harry Main, Chad Kerley and many more.
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Simple Session 12 Finals Highlights Video

More BMX Videos
All of you who didn’t watch the finals at Simple Session 12 are dying to see the highlights, well here you have it. Watch the madness going down from Brett Banasiewicz, Drew Bezanson, Harry Main, Alex Kennedy, Simone Barraco, Sergio Layos, Bruno Hoffmann and more. For the results, click here.
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Tony Neyer’s Best Trick Clip At Simple Session 12

This is a raw clip of Tony Neyer’s best trick pulled at the Simple Session 12 in Tallinn, Estonia, tooth hanger to hop over tooth bonk down the rail. If you haven’t saw it now is you chance.
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Simple Session 12 Finals Photos

We have witnessed some amazing riding over the past weekend and I know today and during the whole weekend we will talk only about Simple Session. DIG put up some photos and sequences for all you to check.
If you missed the final results, click here.

Simple Session 12 Final Results

The Simple Session 12 in Tallinn, Estonia just finished and we have the final results. But first I need to say a few words about the event. We saw some of the best BMX riding in the world over the weekend, from crazy big gaps, insane tricks over box jump, stylish shredding around the course and some tech stuff on the rails and ledges. Even if I was seating the whole time here, behind my computer, I still had an amazing time watching all this live streamed. Now read more and check the final results.
Here are a few pulled tricks: 1080, oppo whip to whip back, bikeflip, flair drop-in, nollie to oppo tooth hanger, canonball drop, fronflip flair, frontflip barspin and much much more.
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Simple Session 12 Qualifying Highlights Video

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The qualifications at Simple Sessin 12 in Tallinn, Estonia went down yesterday and we saw some really amazing riding from all the competitors. RideUK made this highlights video for all of you who missed it and also for all of us who watched it, featuring Dan Sieg, Simone Barraco, Matthias Dandois, Alex Kennedy, Kriss Kyle, Chad Kerley, Devon Smillie, Rob Armour, Dan Lacey, Scott Ditschburn and more.
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Simple Session 12 Qualification Results

The qualifications at Simple Session 12 in Tallinn, Estonia just finished. We have seen some really amazing and unbelievable tricks pulled from 100 riders that were competing at the comp. Read more and check who are the top 5 riders. Make sure to be back tomorrow for the finals, where the best 24 riders will be showing their unbelievable skills on those little bikes.
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