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Brian Kachinsky Video Bike Check

BK’s set up from etnies europe on Vimeo.

Here is a video bike check from Etnies rider Brian Kachinsky. Take a look at this one, but you won’t see any riding in this one.

Etnies Private Sesh

Go to for more videos.
Here is a private session at Etnies park featuring Brian Kachinsky, Jefff Klugiewicz, Nick Steben, and Rooftop. Videos filmed in Etnies park are always good to watch.

Tony Hamlin’s California Dreaming Edit

Tony Hamlin, Etnies Rider, is always fun to watch. He has so much skills on his bike and so much tricks like 360 tuck no-hander, grind combos, wallrides, a crazy tire ride to gap over stairs and a lot more.

How-To Fakie Coping Grabs With Aaron Ross

In this RideBMX’s how-to Aaron Ross, shows Jim Bauer and Ryan Fudger at the Etnies warehous how to do fakie coping grabs. This trick looks a lot of fun.