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Luke Santucci’s 5 Clips At Tsawwassen

Northern Embassy and Etnies teamed up to host a pretty big giveaway where you need to film five clips at your favorite spot. For example, here are five clips from Luke Santucci doing it at the Tsawwassen skatepark. Fin more informations about the whole thing up on the Northern Embassy.
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Etnies Fall 2013 Catalog

It is not even summer yet, but Etnies already dropped the 2013 Fall catalog for you to check. It includes all, shoes, apparel, United collaboration products and also some nice shots from the United crew. There are some really good products Etnies will offer, so make sure you go and flip through it.

Etnies – Luc Legrand Edit

This new Etnies edit from their French rider Luc Legrand is so solid. Luc never disappoints, after seeing so much stuff from him already, he always comes out with something crazier than before. Big rails, gaps, barspin, tailwhip and long wallrides, Luc simply killed it. Enjoy.
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Etnies’ Journey To The Soles Of Skid Row’s Homeless

“For 16 years etnies owner and CEO Pierre-Andre Senizergues has inspired his staff, pro riders, family and friends to head to L.A.’s Skid Row and rally together at the Los Angeles Mission’s annual Easter event to donate shoes to the thousands of homeless living on the streets. Skid Row is a scary and tough place to survive without a home and the reality is the homeless wear their shoes around the clock to keep their feet protected and warm. Each year etnies has the pleasure to personally witness the pure joy and relief a new pair of shoes brings to the lives of those less fortunate. etnies would like to share that experience with the world. Here is etnies’ Journey to the Soles of Skid Row’s Homeless. Featuring Pierre-Andre Senizergues, Ryan Sheckler, Cairo Foster, Nathan Williams, Ben Lewis, Tom Dugan and Levi Sherwood.” Etnies

Etnies X Stress – Alexey Maltsev Edit

Etnies and Stress rider Alexey Maltsev spents a lot of his time at this indoor skatepark over the cold Russian winters, so he knows pretty much every inch of it. Here is a short one that he filmed recently with help from Novikov Ivan behind the lens for his sponsors. Last clips is something you sure wanna see.
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The Etnies Buy A Shoe, Plant A Tree Story

Back in 2011 Etnies planted their first tree, which lead to a worldwide Buy A Shoe, Plant A Tree project and by now planted more than 200,000 trees throughout Costa Rica and Brazil. The story doesn’t ends here, they will keep pushing their project and here is a quick story behind it. Now go buy a shoes and you will get yourself a tree.
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Ryan Lloyd On Etnies Australia

Ryan Lloyd has joined the Etnies team in Australia and will be from now on wearing some fine footwear. Expect more from Ryan in the upcoming year, maybe also a welcome to the team edit, who knows.

Daniel Johnson Welcome To Etnies Australia

Daniel Johnson is the newest addition to the Australian Etnies team and here is his welcome to the team edit, that you simply must not miss. There aren’t many riders out there who can do switch icepick grinds and switch over double peg grinds on big rails. And these are just two amazing stuff out of a lot more.
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Etnies X Benny Lewis X Fit Collaboration Edit

This is awesome and also funny. Why awesome? Because there is tons and tons of really good riding from Ben Lewis in here from his recent trip to Malaga, Spain. Why funny you ask? Because Benny’s English accent is pretty hard to follow, cause he speaks so fast, so Etnies decided to get the subtitles done. It definitely is a must see.
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Ben Lewis X Fit X Etnies Giveaway

There is a pretty big giveaway going on over at Ben Lewis’ Facebook page, where you can win Benny’s personal rider along with Fit X Etnies collaboration shoes. All you have to do is watch the video above, get all the rules from Benny and than go straight to his FB page.
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