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Etnies Roll With It – Geoff Slattery

Geoff Slattery shredding trails, streets and concrete for this fresh new Etnies Roll With It web edit. This dude can boost some huge airs and can pull a tire slide to 180 like it was nothing. I think it is the first time for me too actually see a tire slide to 180. So good.
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Mellon 7’s – Matt Coplon

It is my honor to present you our next Mellon 7’s interview. This time we caught up with non other than Tampa, Florida based Matt Coplon. Matt is in the game for way more years than I am and is still doing it strong. He sure knew how to have fun back in the days. Take a quick read after the jump, check a few action photos and make sure you follow Matt’s blog.
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Brian Kachinsky Off Etnies

After being part of Etnies BMX team for some years and also having a signature colorway of James 2 mid shoes, now Brian Kachinsky officially announced, via his Facebook, that he will be riding no more for them. Below you can read Brian’s official statement. It looks like something is cooking over there, so does this mean a new sponsor for Brian Kachinsky or something made by him? We will find out very soon.
“After many great years with Etnies, I will no longer be a part of the team. It’s been a pleasure working with some amazing people at Etnies. I will miss my Etnies teammates greatly but luckily this is BMX and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you guys somewhere around the globe soon. Thanks for having me as a part of the family. I have plenty of good memories, shared tons of laughs and always appreciated helping the BMX program. Best wishes moving forward. 2013 is going to be amazing. There’s some excited stuff I’ve been working on for a couple months and it will be announced any day now.”

Arnaud Wolff Bike Check

Arnaud Wolff is a super stylish street shredder from France, who is representing Proper through Ezco Distribution. Arnaud has been just added to the team and he also got a spot on the Etnies team. I definitely expect tons of stuff from this guy in 2013.

Prl BMX – Piotr “Leszczu” Leszczynski Etnies Edit

Etnies rider through Prl BMX, with one of the most colorful bike out there, Piotr Leszczynski aka Leszczu is a machine. If you don’t believe me, you need to click play above, cause all those tricks like 900, bar catch bar to tailtap to tuck no-hander, flair to fakie to half cab barspin and more are ridiculous.
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[Update] Chase Hawk Off Vans, On Etnies

This is one big news. Chase Hawk has officially left the Vans team and has joined the Etnies squad. Read bellow what Aaron Ross tweeted about it:
“I wanna say I couldn’t be more excited to welcome one of my best and oldest friends to the Etnies team! Welcome Chase, love you bud.”
I think we would all love to see the welcome to the team edit now.

“Jan. 2, 2013 (Lake Forest, CA) – etnies is ringing in the new year by signing Chase Hawk, one of BMX’s most progressive riders, to its team. With his speed, smooth style and unrivaled ability to boost incredibly high, Chase Hawk is the rider to watch in 2013. Welcome to the etnies BMX team, Chase!”
“Joining the etnies BMX family means a lot to me,” said Chase Hawk. “I’ve been psyched on the team ever since I was a little kid so to finally get the opportunity to work with everyone is going to be awesome. I plan on 2013 being a busy year with etnies producing a ‘welcome to the team’ edit, new product and starting to film for the next full-length etnies video. Thanks again to [team manager] Povah and etnies for giving me the chance to be a part of the team” – Chase Hawk
John Povah, etnies BMX Team Manager said: “From a very young age Chase Hawk’s evident talents have set the bar high for creating milestones in BMX. He’s arguably a rider, if not the rider, that other riders wish to emulate and will routinely stop what they’re doing to watch ride. Chase now starts a new chapter in his life as part of the etnies BMX team. It’s overdue, so I’m really stoked that Chase wanted to ride for etnies. He brings a considerable amount to the table and can now be part of something special that he can truly feel proud of. I also think having Chase as part of the team will excite, energize and build on an already amazing team and brand. Welcome to the family Chase!”

Etnies Finland – First Session At Sokeva

Etnies Finland riders Eki Vainikka and Markus Manninen headed to the newly built indoor skatepark in Finland, called Sokeva Hall. This short clip was filmed on the very first session at this park, so we can easily expect plenty more stuff coming out from here in the future.
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Etnies – Summer Grind

Etnies riders made a trip to the Mile High City for the Journeys BBQ in Denver and stopped along the way to shred street and skateprks in Austin, Oklahoma City and Kansas City. Nine minutes of goodness, great riding and awesome filming from Aaron Ross, Chase Dehart, Corey Martinez, Tony Hamlin, Tom Dugan and Brian Kachinsky.
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Christian Rigal Welcome To Etnies

This is by far the best web edit that dropped in this week. Markit is proud to present you Christian Rigal’s welcome to Etnies edit. Christian really put a lot of work into this one, because the final product is mind blowing. So much crazy peg tricks, opposite and regular, with gaps and much more. Must see.
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Piotr Leszczynski Welcome To Etnies

Piotr Leszczynski hit that sweet dirt jump in the middle of the trails and a bunch of street spots to get some clips for this welcome to Etnies edit don, that he will be from now on riding for through PRLBMX. This guy definitely has some big tricks in his bag.