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Josh Betley And The Homies – Back To Deutchlandia

Every year Felt’s German Distributor, Sport Import, invites Josh Betley to Germany and this year he stayed there for a month to chill, to travel around the country, to ride and to enjoy every day to the fullest (even if it was a rainy day). Plenty of good riding spots in here along with clips from Josh himself, Brian Sadecki, Jacob Panzek, Dennis Kicza, Timm Wiegmann, Fabian Bader, Moritz Nussbaumer and Sergio.
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Fabian Bader Mix

I think you will wanna skip first 25 seconds of this edit and go straight to some solid street shredding from Fabian Bader, filmed over the past months with some leftover clips also. Kid has some rad style of riding and some good front wheel skills.
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Two Brothers One Day – Fabian & Jonas Bader

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Fabian Bader and Jonas Bader have an article in the 108th issue of the Freedom BMX magazine and to go along with it, they filmed this one day edit with Sebi Messerer. Fabien has a smooth street style of riding and Jonas is more of a park rider, but together they work fine. Enjoy.
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Claudio Ceniccola & Fabian Bader In Barcelona

If you are dying to see an edit that is really chill, really well filmed and put together and includes some famous and non-famous Barcelona spots, you are at the right place. Claudio Ceniccola and Fabian Bader both has such an amazing style of riding and this edit will definitely make you wanna grab you bike, go out and get a few grinds done.
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DVX Mix One

This is a sweet mix edit of a few friends, that I don’t know who they are and where they come from, just that Fabian Bader is the one posting it on Vimeo. But hey, there is a bunch of good riding in it, so it sure deserves a post.


Here is Fabian Bader’s second web dvx web edit, filmed at this indoor ramp facility with Moritz Nusbaumer, Kilian Roth and Fabian Bader himself. There are some serious trick combos in this one worth checking out.
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