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Fakt BMX – Meeting

The Fakt BMX crew from Russia made a trip to Minsk for a few days of riding, filming and having fun. They are now back with enough footage for a sweet six minutes long web video for your viewing pleasure. Tons of goodness in this one.

Fakt BMX – Schooling

One of Fakt BMX riders from Russia, Fyodor Zabaluev, hit this pretty awesome, even if just two quarters and a jump box, spot at a school in Semoyonov. Style for miles from this guy and some proper balance on back and front wheel and also pegs.
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Fakt BMX – Starting

The Fakt BMX is a fresh new crew of riders from Russia, which I think will be seeing a lot through the year of 2013. The crew consists of Fyodor Zabaluev, Andrey Gordeev and Pavel Nikonov and this is their first ever web edit. That small indoor skatepark looks pretty fun to ride.