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Ride UK – Fathead Vs The Public

Ride UK and Fathead team up for 12 part web series and this is the first episode where he interviewed locals about the BMX scene. He got quite interesting answers and you know when we are talking about Fathead, some funny stuff will happen. Next episode will take place at Simple Session 2014, so stay tuned.
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How To Double Peg With Fathead

Here is an epic double peg grind how to you never saw before. Ride UK caught up with Fathead to get this out, to give you tips how it is pulled, to show you an amazing alternative to the gold old wax, but they came out with this… Just hit play and see it for yourself, you’ll be shocked, you’ll be amazed, but I guarantee you, you will laugh.
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S&M Cymbal Hubguards Promo With Fathead

Fathead was recently on a vacation in the USA, but is now back home in the UK. While over there he put on the new S&M Bikes Cymbal hubguards, front, read and driveside version, and test them out on smooth Long Beach ledges and on UK castles. These are a strong piece of metal and a great addition to your bike.
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Fathead And Sharkbite Installing Fathead 8.5″ Bar

You can never go wrong with a new Fathead web edit and what’s even better, let it be riding or just some random stuff, Fathead will always make you laugh. Check this very precise installment of his signature handlebar from S&M on Sharkbite’s bike.
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Ankle Book By Fathead

Ride UK BMX put together some random clip of Fathead and his time spent on the streets. Just raw stuff, nothing fancy, but still a few solid grind moves. Fathead always brings a smile on my face and this time is no different, enjoy.
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Fathead’s 1989 Nissan Micra

OK, this is a little older one, but it definitely must get up here, because it is ridiculous. UK’s Fathead shows you his 1989 Nissan Micra and does some inside cleaning and almost pukes taking out carpets. If you are in a bad mood, you need to watch this.
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Ride UK – Fathead Vs Cottingley Spine

Fathead vs one of the most “epic” spines ever, that you can find at the Cottingley skateparks, as part of Ride UK’s Skatepark Nightmares. I don’t really know what the guys were thinking when building this, probably nothing. But still, even if raining, Fathead managed to get a few clips done.
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Goodbye Four Down Garden Ramp

The Four Down’s Garden ramp is no more and to say a proper farewell they threw together some old clips from riders like Rob Castle, Luke Peeters, Dan Barber, Fathead, Leo Forte, Kye Forte, Wildcat, Alex Kennedy, Dean Hearne, James Cox, Owain Clegg and Jimmy Rushmore.
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S&M X The Albion – Holding The Room With Alex “Fathead” Barton-Holme

S&M dropped almost eight minutes of behind the scenes from shooting an interview with Alex Holme-Barton aka Fathead for his The Albion interview. Do I even need to comment anything else, it is Fathead and if you know this guy, you kinda know what to expect, high pops, super clean whips, grinds and tons and tons of funny stuff.
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Fathead S&M Ad

This is S&M’s latest print ad and it features no other than the guy with the biggest head out there, Fathead, and his signature handlebar. You can find this one in the newest issue of The Albion mag.