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Win A Street Ride With Fathead

Head over to Red Bull Flow, download the app, upload your best clip and tag it with #FatheadNotion, to get a chance to win a street ride with Notion Store’s Fathead. Sounds interesting?

S&M – Fathead Is Better Than You

To celebrate the release of Fathead’s signature S&M handlebar, he teamed up with Coxie, hit up some England and Barcelona street and filmed this edit, which really made my day. This guy is so funny and he can pop ridiculously high. Must see.

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Fathead Bike Check

We posted a sneak peek of Fathead’s signature S&M handlebar yesterday, and now you can get a better look at it over on the 4Down web site and also check all the rest of the parts he is running on his bike and read a short interview.

Notion Store – Fathead Style Commercial

Isn’t one Fathead edit enough for one day? Nope, Alex Barton-Holme sure is one funny guy and this is another proof of that. He went crazy on the streets in his previous edit and now he gets crazy and invents a new dance move for the (stupid) Gangnam Style song for Notion Store. Sorry, but I really don’t get it how that song has almost one billion views on youtube. Start laughing.

4Down Christmas Special – At Home With Fathead

What a better way to start the holidays and Christmas time with 4Down’s Christmas Special, featuring S&M Alex Barton-Holme aka Fathead. Watch Fathead’s usual routine at home and get some crazy good street riding. Last pop over that rail is a must see. One more thing, if you won’t be laughing while watching this edit, I think something is wrong with you. Enjoy lads.
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Fathead S&M Ad

UK shredder Alex Barton-Holme aka Fathead hopping over this rail for S&M’s latest print ad that you will be seeing the tenth issue of The Albion magazine.

Notion Store – Fathead’s Secret Session

S&M’s Fathead recently had a secret session cruising around spots of Leeds for his sponsor Notion Store. Awesome English style of riding, grinds, gaps, wall to whips and more. Always great seeing new stuff from this guy.
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How To Downside Tailwhip With “Chester Blacksmith”

Notion Store filmed a how to for you guys, where Chester Blacksmith, well, actually it is not Chester but Fathead, teaches you how to pull a downside tailwhip on a bank with a curb. This is ridiculous. Hope it helps.
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Ride To Glory 2012 – S&M

More BMX Videos
For all you who haven’t seen the DVD yet, or would just like to watch the parts from this year’s Ride To Glory for one more time, our next posts will be all about that. S&M’s section from the Ride To Glory 2012 featuring James Cox, James Newrick, Shanky, Fathead and Mike Hoder. Now is also your chance to vote for your favorite part. Vote for S&M here.
“Mike Hoder and 4 English guys team up to smash the streets of Sheffield and Hull for a week long adventure of brawls, beers and Little Chef life. Warning, contains Mike Hoder…”
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Jedits Rider Profile – Fathead

Jedits Rider Profile – Fathead from Jedits Film/Edit on Vimeo.

Jedits met up with S&M rider Alex “Fathead” Barton-Holme to cruise around the street spots of Harrogate and get some filming done. Watch it above.
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