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2013 FBM Year End Slideshow

2013 FBM Yearend Slideshow from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

People over at the FBM threw together some photos shot through the year 2013 in this slideshow to end this year in style and to properly jump into 2014. We can all expect a lot of stuff coming out from this company, but for now, check out all the cool photos.

FBM’s Summer Of DeAh

FBM’s Summer of deAh! from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

FBM is all about fun, good times, laughs and party. Here is a collection of footage they filmed throughout the year of 2013 and if you don’t know what fun means, hit play above and see it for yourself. Don’t bother yourself too much with tricks and going insane and killing yourself, just be yourself and do what you love.
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Beat Ass – On The Road With Lords Of Fun

BEAT ASS: On the road with the Lords of Fun from Make Your Bones on Vimeo.

This is a short documentary from this year’s version of the Lords Of Fun trip FBM crew and friends went on. Three days of fun, motorcycles, BMX, fire, stunts and more and if you don’t get jealous of these guys, I think something must be wrong with you. Take your time, seat back and hit the play button cause every second of this video is worth watching.
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Characters With Bikes – Steve Crandall

Characters with Bikes- Steve Crandall from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

The new installment in FBM’s “Characters With Bikes” series is all about the one and only Steve Crandall. This is rad and epic, both at the same time. No wild and technical trick combos, just enjoying and having fun on the bikes and I think we are missing a lot of these kind of edits in the today’s world.
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FBM – Garrett Guilliams’ Ramp Riders Session

Garrett Guilliams- Ramp Riders Session from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

FBM’s Garrett Guilliams aka Ginch having a session at the Ramp Riders and he is doing it fast and big, boosting some massive airs and also nailing down a few tricks here and there. Solid black and white piece, which I am sure you will enjoy watching.
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Steady Rollin With Eric Holladay

OK, this is awesome. You don’t need to press that play button and you know it will be good, but when you press it, the world starts spinning around, because you get drugged by Eric Holladay’s crazy, wild and insane riding. FBM and Tioga are presenting you this kid and this kid’s newest piece is a must see in your life.
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FBM Black Flag 4-PC Handlebar

Get a sneak peek at FBM’s upcoming Black Flag handlebar. This is a four piece design bar with 2° up sweep, 12° back sweep and will be 8-5/8″ tall and 29-1/2 wide. Looks like four piece handlebars are really getting back in the game.
Oh, one more thing, isn’t it kinda crazy, seeing one brand bringing back 4-pc handlebars and soon after a dozen of others doing the same thing?

FBM – Kenny Horton Signature Orphan Frame Promo

Kenny Horton with his fast, wild and very solid style of riding promoting his signature FBM Orphan frame. This is not only a promotional video, but could also be a test video, because, as you can see, this frame can hold some serious abuse.
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Ryan Corrigan Bike Check

There is a bike check up on the QBMX web site, where you can check what FBM’s Ryan Corrigan is currently riding. It is a custom outsider Gypsy, mixed with other brands’ components. That is a dusty machine.

The FBM BMX Post Apocolympics Highlights

Hell yeah, video highlights from the second round of FBM’s BMX Post Apocolympics are here. The course was nuts as usual and the riders who came to shred and have fun did tons of good stuff. That gap to curved wallride from Neil Hise was bananas.
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