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FBM – Eric Hennesey

Eric Hennessey shredding trails in the Santa Cruz area for the FBM guys. Filmed and edited by Jackson Allen.
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Kenny Horton FBM Ad

Kenny Horton with this road gap for FBM’s latest print ad for the 7th issue of The Albion magazine. Check it out after the jump.
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FBM “Thousand Yard Stare” Remix

Guys over at FBM did a remix of the intro to their latest DVD, Thousand Yard Stare. It features some wild moves and crazy crashes.
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New FBM Holeshot Sprocket

FBM is proud to release their all new, U.S. made Holeshot sprocket.
“The holeshot sprocket is inspired by the original FBM race sprocket with a modern design for all aspect of riding. The Holeshot sprocket has an increased thickness for stiffness and tapers from 8.85mm thickness to 6.35mm (1/4). And it looks kickass! Also, thanks to Nic F. for help on the packaging art!”

Mike Tag Tattoo

Just spotted on FBM site that some of the FBM crew got a Mike Tag tattoo. Amazing.

FBM “All Time Low” – Magilla

Definitely something all the new-age riders must check. Magilla’s section from FBM’s “All Time Low” video from back in 2001. It’s a classic and features trails, park and street riding, while one the other hand his part from “Thousand Yard Stare” is all trails.

FBM 2012 SteadFast CS Frame Flip Book

FBM made a cool flip book featuring their 2012 SteadFast cs frame. Click here and get all the specifications close up shots and some action. If you missed Magilla’s section from Thousand Yard Stare, watch it here.

FBM “Thousand Yard Stare” – Magilla

Jeremy Reiss’ aka Magilla’s section from FBM’s latest video “Thousand Yard Stare” shredding this trails with style. If you missed Tom Blyth’s section, watch it now, cause it’s amazing.

FBM & The Take Wax

Just saw on The Merged site the new FBM and The Take wax. The making of waxes for ledges is really popular lately. I wander which company will be next in making of wax.

FBM Bellwitch Frame Out Now

The first round of Tom Blyth’s signature FBM Bellwitch frames are ready to ship. Get more closeup photos and specifications on this link.