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FBM X Unleaded – Florian Montanari Ghetto Spot Edit

Oh, hell freaking yeah. This is amazingly good and what makes it even more amazing, it’s a tribute for Mike Tag. Unleaded and FBM rider Florian Montanari hit this ghetto spot, located in Dijon, France and nailed down various insane trick combos and lines. The last one is so long, trick after trick, Florian can not stop. Enjoy.
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FBM Steadfast – Jackson Allen Edit

Jackson Allen is an all around FBM reader who’s edit just got on the web and includes all, trails riding, skatepark riding and street riding and tons of style, big airs, gaps, you name it, Jackson will pull it all. You will definitely enjoy this one, so click play and watch it now.
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Neil Hise Bike Check

FBM rider Neil Hise has a bike check up on the QBMX site, so make sure you go there if you wanna see one solid and dialed whip and also a few photos of Neil going hard.

FBM Sword Frameset Prebooks

This is not a BMX frameset, no, but it is made by FBM. The Sword frameset is a minimalistic, tight welded, chromoly, single speed framset with a traditional track geometry handcrafted in small batches in Johnson City, NY. I would love to own one of these to get to the job much quicker. You can find more on this over at FBM.

Steady Rollin – Neil Hise Clip

FBM rider Neil Hise is currently working on a new Tioga Steady Rollin web edit and here is a quick clip from the filming. I don’t like seeing riders crash, but I definitely like seeing them standing up all in pain and ready for another try. Yep, that is what BMX riders are all about, though as hell. Can not wait for this one to drop, cause Neil never disappoints.
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FBM – Raw Meat BBQ Footy

FBM already released the highlights from the weekend pool jam, but now they are back with five minutes of raw leftover clips. You know that time, when a leftover edit is almost better than the original one? I guess this is that time. Hit play and enjoy some awesomeness, shredding, crashes, girls shredders and more.
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FBM Stoke Booster Flipbook

FBM has a flipbook up on their site from the pool jam they threw down over the weekend, shot by Carlos, aka, Vicio del Toro, aka Chizio. It was a pretty successful jam and if you haven’t seen the edit from it yet, watch it now.

FBM Ghetto Jam 2004

This is a video from back in 2004 from one of the wildest BMX events, the FBM Ghetto Jam. I am sure you have seen plenty of stuff from this jams already, but take 27 minutes of your life and watch it again. I hope we will be seeing Ghetto Jam happening in the future. Maybe in 2013?

FBM – Esteban Bustamante Edit

Esteban Bustamante is doing it in Madelin, Colombia for FBM through Nucleon BMX shop. At first I thought this one will be a bit sketchy, but damn all the riding Esteban pulled is crazy good, especially that last barspin to nose manual to barspin. Definitely worth a watch.
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Mike Tag Forever

Time flies by so fast and it is hard to believe that it is already one year since with lost one of the greatest persons in the world of BMX, Mike Tag. FBM made a compilation of footage and photos to remind you how good of a rider and guy Mike was. May you rest in peace Mike.
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