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FBM’s Ghetto Big Air Challenge 2008

This is now five years old and it is ridiculous seeing all these guys going wild and really high out of quarter pipes and with bunnyhops. Featuring Steve Crandall, Darryl Nau, Garrettt Gulliams, Chad Kagy, Chad Harrington, Simon Tabron, Ty Morrow and more in Richmond, Virginia.
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FBM – 2012 Year End Slideshow

Here is a slideshow that guys over at FBM put together documenting the year of 2012 in pictures. They sure had a wild year, traveled around the globe, met up with locals, had tons and tons of fun, drank beers and much more. Make sure you check it out.
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Felt Bikes In Puerto Rico

Felt Bikes in Puerto Rico – More BMX Videos

We have seen edit from FBM’s Eric Hennessey and Eric Holladay, that they filmed on their trip to Puerto Rico yesterday. Here is even more. This time Felt Bikes riders Josh Betley, Zak Earley and Joey Motta explored street and skatepark spots of the island, Joey showed his dancing skills and they hung out at the park with a horse. They came back with tons of really good stuff that you must not miss. Enjoy.
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Tioga Steady Rollin – Puerto Rico

Last week Tioga sent FBM’s Eric Hennessey and Eric Holladay on a trip to Puerto Rico to met up with David Tarsi, Vicio Del Toro and Evan Venditti and to ride unique spots and explore the island. This is awesome and a good break from all the crazy skatepark shredding that is going down these days. Enjoy.
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FBM “Thousand Yard Stare” Full Video

It is the beginning of the holiday spirit and to start things off, FBM uploaded to vimeo their “Thousand Yard Stare” video. if you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely need to, so seat back, relax and enjoy. Featuring Ruel Smith, Eric Hennessey, Magilla, Garrett Guilliams, Tom Blyth, Adam Guilliams, Kenny Horton, Kelly Baker, Jackson Allen, Darryl Nau, Dave King, Ryan Corrigan, Steve Crandall, Evan Venditti, Stew Johnson, John Lee, Paul Horan, Eric Holladay and many more.
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FBM Angel Of Death Zippo

Are you still looking for holiday gift ideas and you don’t know what you will going to buy? If so, maybe the all new FBM “Angel Of Death” Zippo is something for you. Even if you aren’t a smoker, this thing could serve well in your pocket.

Eric Holladay Bike Check

Check out FBM’s Eric Holladay’s current Rock N Roll setup up on the QBMX website and find out what this super stylish rider is riding these days. I wouldn’t mind seeing some fresh new footage from Eric.

FBM – CB4ks & New Night Trains Re-Released

As a tribute to the legend Mike Tag, FBM re-released their Night Train frames and hand built the CB4ks forks to go along with the frame. For more info, color options, closeup photos and specifications click here.

FBM At The Boondocks Trails

While on the east coast trails tour, FBM crew hit up the Boondocks trails in New York to get a session done and to film some stuff with help from Jim Martinez. With a crew of riders like this, you know every session will be very productive. Enjoy.

Mellon 7’s – Tom Blyth

Between shredding his bike and playing in his death metal band, Tom Blyth found some extra time to get this quick interview done for us. Find out what Tom thinks about the BMX community, what was his worst injury and more after the jump.
Also need to give shout out to his band, Parasitized, an epic, wrathful, destructive death metal from Hull, England. I think I did crime, because I find out about his band just last week. But better late than never I guess.
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