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FBM – Are We Still Havin’ Fun Yeti?

This is the return of Fun Yetis. You know this guys are always having some kind of fun, so no question mark needed. Featuring Jackson Allen, Guy French, Nate Delp, Nathan Parker, Mike Hernandez, Dusty Sampson, Jeff Bennett, Chris Riesner, Jordan Murdock, Kurt Siever, Silent Mike and Andy Maguire.

FBM – Characters With Bike

FBM started a new series called “Bikes with Character, Characters with Bikes”, featuring FBM riders, staff, friends and industry types and why they choose FBM. They started with Neil Hise talking about working at bike shop, than they give you a quick inside look at how the FBM frames are welded together and last, filmed some good street clips. The halfcab down those set of stairs was huge.
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FBM Warehouse Ramp Session

After the work FBM guys John lee, Chris Hancock, Dillon Leeper and Eric Holladay throw down a session at their secret warehouse ramps. Filmed and edited by Kenny Horton.
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FBM – Eric Hennessey Cement Mix

FBM dropped a bonus section from the new Vaganbond Ritual DVD featuring Eric Hennessey riding various cement skateparks from his trips around the US. FBM’s edits are always fun to watch and this is no exception, oh and one more thing, go watch the DVD.
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FBM 2012 Steadfast Frame & CB4’KS Forks Promo

Here are two promo edits for FBM’s two new products, the 2012 Steadfast frame (above), where Chris Hancock and Kyle Hibbart are testing it out on the trails and CB4’KS forks (below), where FBM’s welder Chris Hancock gives you a quick inside look at how the forks are made.

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FBM Interbike 2012

Find FBM’s John Lee, not really at Intebike 2012, but at his local trails giving you a quick look at the new colorway of the Double Fister grips, the new Holeshot sprocket and N!CE plastic pedals.

FBM – Vagabond Ritual Flipbook & Trailer 2

Steve Crandall decided not to go all fancy with an iPhone or any other digital camera, he puts a few rolls of film into use during the filming for FBM’s upcoming “Vagabond Ritual” DVD and made this flipbook below. Also check out the second trailer for the DVD above.

FBM – How To Not Give A Shit With Kelly Baker

FBM started a new series of “How-To” videos and here is the first one, filmed by accident featuring Kelly Baker, trying to up rail grind to hop over a wheelbarrow after a few beer and just not giving a shit.
“Dad, you should put a helmet on…”

FBM Presents The Post-Apocolympics

One edit from FBM’s Post-Apocolympics jam already went down, but here is another one, made by Charlie Crumlish, and even if you think that you don’t need to watch it, I recommend you that you do. Jams like this are so much fun, and Derek giving away all his money that he won really surprised me.
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FBM – The Post Apocolympics Edit

It looks like FBM’s BMX Post Apocolympics was a total success. A lot of riders came, a lot of crazy stuff went down on those crazy obstacles and the ate a lot of pizza. Watch Eric Holladay, Kelly Baker, Charlie Crumlish, Derek Nelson and more in action above.
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