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Cacaoboys Go Benelux

Last year young Cacaoboys riders Michael Meisel, Felix Prangenberg and Max Bergmann went to Benelux where they managed to stack all this amazing footage for your viewing pleasure. German kids are freaking amazing and all these three are part of the really strong German BMX scene. Seen on Freedom BMX.
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Parano Garage – Introduction Retrospection

Parano Garage – Introduction Retrospection from Parano Garage on Vimeo.

Parano Garage has a little Christmas gift for you guys. They put together all the best clips from their “welcome to the team edits” featuring Eddie Baum, Carlo Hoffmann, Marc Remmert, Timm Wiegmann, Felix Prangenberg, Daniel Tünte and Bruno Hoffmann, that were filmed at their warehouse in Oldenburg, Germany. These guys are all just nuts and extremely technical.
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Felix Prangenberg Leftovers

felix prangenberg leftovers from felix prangenberg on Vimeo.

Over the past months Felix Prangenberg filmed tons of stuff and a lot of the footage did not got into his video projects and where left over. Felix did a good job with putting them together in this raw web video and not throwing them away. This kid has too much skills.
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Riders Are Awesome 2013

A mix of BMX riding and some trial stuff from Tom We, Sven Fackert, Max Schrom, Nico Schulz and Felix Prangenberg in a web video mix called “Riders Are Awesome”.
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Awesome Street And Park Mixtape

A collection of street and skatepark clips that were filmed through the year of 2013 and wee featured in other edits, but are now here in this “best of” video. Featuring riding from Felix Prangenberg, Sven Fackert, Michael Dunger, Daniel Michaelis, Felix Donat, Alex Gravemaker, Eduu Kenig and Heitor Morgado.
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Parano Garage Introducing – Felix Prangenberg

Parano Garage introducing – Felix Prangenberg from Parano Garage on Vimeo.

Parano Garage is introducing you the youngest member of their newly formed team, Felix Prangenberg. Even if Felix didn’t have much time to get this piece filmed, he still fired out some amazing and very technical trick combos. All of you who know the level of Felix’s riding know that this one is wild.
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2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session Highlights

We have seen some stuff from the 2013 Wethepeople Autumn Session that went down at the Skatehall in Trier, Germany, but here are now video highlights, brought to you by Freedom BMX, from the whole day, including all the best moves. Featuring Kilian Roth, Daniel Tünte, Marcel Gans, Carlo Hoffmann, Felix Prangenberg and more.
First place went to Daniel Tünte, second to Felix Prangenberg and third to Michael Meisel.
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Premium – Felix Prangenberg Edit

Felix Prangenberg. What to say about this 16 year old German rider, since we already saw so much from him and he pretty much blew us away every single time. And this time is no different. Felix once again came out with a hammer of an edit for his sponsor Premium. From technical freecoaster lines, to big tuck no-handers over stairs and tailwhip drops off roofs. Kid is good as hell. Filmed and edited by Leon Langenbach.
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Red Bull Phenom 2013 – Prangenberg, Webster And Germain

We didn’t saw all 105 entries for the Red Bull Phenom 2013 competitions, but we saw quite a few and every single one was amazing. Top six riders were chosen to go to 2013 X games Los Angeles street contest, to show what they got. It was Grant Germain, Brandon Webster and golden medalist Felix Prangenberg who got the first three spots and here is a quick little recap from what went down. These three youngsters are for sure the next generation of BMX street riding. So much skills and so much style and all being under 18 years old.
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Freedom BMX – Felix Prangenberg

Felix Prangenberg is a 16 years old shredder from Germany who won the Red Bull Phenom competition. Here is his latest creation he filmed with Johannes Dreyer for Freedom BMX and it is pure fire, from start to the end. Felix goes really technical with his riding, but is no stranger to 360ing big sets of trails. You better check this one out.
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