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Fer Acevedo And Kevin Ahrens iPod Edit

Fer Acevedo and Kevin Ahrens putting the iPod to a good use filming clips around their local street spots somewhere in Argentina. You must inderstand that the filming does not have the best quality, but there is some really quality riding in here, so give it a watch.
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Narol Cycles – Fer Acevedo X Giuliano Frega Split Edit

I am not sure where these two, Fer Acevedo and Giuliano Frega, are from, but the spots are looking sweet, but most importantly, the riding is next level. Doing it for the Narol Cycles, Fer and Giuliano are coming in hot, with tons of solid moves, combos and great style. This piece really surprised me and I am sure it will make you stoked also.
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Galvez Crew – Fer Acevedo 2013 Edit

Fer Acevedo from Rosario, Argentina, sent over his latest creation filmed this year around his local street spots and some fun self-made flat rails. This kid has some pretty sick barspin combinations and also likes pulling several tricks in one like. Check out some Santa Fe action.
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