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Fiend JJ Palmere Frame And New Cranks Coming Soon

JJ Palmere’s signature Fiend frame and their new 2 piece cranks will be available in just a couple of weeks, so stay tuned, save the money and get ready for these two to drop at your local shop, or favorite mail order.

Fiend JJ Palmere Signature Frame

Get all the informations you need to know about JJ Palmere’s signature frame from Fiend. This avocado green colorway is looking pretty much amazing, but it will also came in ED black, for all you (including myself), who are not really a color persons. Oh, and that logo in the front, just fits perfectly to the color.
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Blackout Distribution X Fiend Giveaway

There is a new giveaway going on over on the Instagram. Blackout Distribution and Fiend teamed up to give away a pair of JJ Palmere’s Sunglasses, a JJ snapback hat and a JJ V2 seat. You need to post your best, most interesting, wild, crazy, you decide, bunnyhop photo and tag it with #bohop. Winner will be picked on September 31st, USA only.
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Fiend JJ Palmere Signature Frame Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of JJ Palmere’s signature Fiend frame that should be out by Christmas. Bike will come in four sizes, 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″ and 21.25″ and will feature a 75° heat tube, a 71° seat tube, 11.625″ BB height and a 13.25″ slammed chain stay.

Fiend Embryo Grey Kit Sample Sale

Fiend has two Embryo frame kits available in their web store in this nice semi gloss grey color. Both of the kits include a 20.75″ Embryo frame, Embryo fork and 8.5″ bar. If you dig it, act quick.

2013 Fiend Summer Products Catalog

Guys over at Fiend dropped a catalog to show you all their 2013 summer products, which are all available now at finer BMX stores worldwide. Frames, forks, bars, stems, grips, pegs, seats an apparel. Check it out.
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Dan’s Comp X Fiend Giveaway

Dan’s Comp has teamed up with Fiend to bring out three different giveaway packages. First package includes Fiend Embryo frame, Embryo fork, Team bars and two Fiend tees, second a Fiend Reynolds stem, Fat pivotal seat and a Fiend tee and third a pair of Fiend Team grips and a Fiend tee.

Fiend JJ Palmere Frame Sneak Peek

JJ Palmere dropped this sneak peek photo of his upcoming signature Fiend frame on his Instagram to tease you a little bit. No more info nor release date yet, but I think we could expect at least more photos soon.

Fiend JJ Palmere Seat In Phillies Colorway

To go along with JJ Palmere’s signature colorway of Fiend sunglasses they also decided to make a seat in his signature Phillies colorway. This one should be out by June 1st, also in grey denim and black.

New Fiend Morrow And Embryo Colorways

At the beginning of April, 2013 there will be available a new colorway of the Fiend Ty Morrow frame, raw, and also a teal color option of the Embryo frame. The Embryo bars and forks will also be available in new colors than, if you are looking for a kit.