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Shawn McIntosh Bike Check

Fit threw together a flipbook to show you Shawn McIntosh’s ride. Flip through it, check the bike, a few action shots and parts list. Focus on the prototype Fit top load stem Mac’ looseball pedals and the prototype Key sprocket/guard.

Tom Dugan Fit Ad

Tom Dugan and the bigger version of his signature Fit Dugan bar are featured in the latest issue of the Ride BMX magazine. Tom boosting some serious air on this print ad.

Fit Shawn McIntosh Nightvision Tires Promo

Fit’s new Nightvision style tires with glow in the dark sidewalls are available now in both, FAF 2.25 and FAF 2.3. To give you an idea how good people will see you when pulling a nose manual in the middle of the night, Shawn McIntosh teamed up with Tony Malouf to film this promo.
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Fit – Jared Carter Edit

Fit’s Aussie connection Jared Carter came out with an edit, that includes tons of style and trails riding, filmed and edited by Scott Greentree. Everyone who enjoys watching guys shred trails, this is something that won’t disappoint you. I hope we will be seeing a lot more from Jared and his smooth style in the future.
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Ben Lewis Bike Check

Ben Lewis is in Cali at the moment and he made a stop at The Building, where he picked himself up a fresh new Fit Benny frame, his signature bars, stem and seat and also the new nightvision tires and key guard sprocket. More above.
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Fit Shop Stop – Bike Shop

On Sunday, April 6th, 2013 Ben Lewis, Shawn McIntosh, Troy Blair and Travis Cordova will be heading over to the Bike Shop to ride Fit rail trailer with the locals, to give away some stuff and to sign posters.

Fit Dugan Bar In Chrome

Looking for a bigger bar? Looking for a chrome bar? Today is your lucky day, Fit dropped Tom Dugan’s signature Dugan bar, 8.45″ rise, in chrome. You can still pick this one in red, black and green.

48 Hours Giveaway – Fit Pack

New giveaway is on. This time we are giving away Shawn McIntosh’s signature Fit grips, Fit Trippin Vol. 3 DVD and 6 Mellon stickers. All you have to do is like and share This Post/Photo an you are in.

Brian Foster Video Bike Check

Stew Johnson met up with Fit’s Brian Foster to get a bike check done and to film some Austin, Texas trails shredding. This isn’t your normal bike check and this is exactly the things that makes it that much interesting. This is too good to skip it.
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Phil Martin Welcome To Fit UK

Phil Martin has been on the Fit flow team for over the past four years, through 4Down distribution, but just now, stepped it up to the pro team with this awesome welcome to the team edit that includes some proper park and street riding. Filmed and edited by James Cox.
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