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Florent Soulas On Fit Pro

We have seen a lot from Florent Soulas already and every single time he puts something fresh out the whole world gets blown away by his creativity and extreme skills. Fit has been supporting French shredder for a while now and has now decided to put him on the pro team.

Cristian Porras Fit Ad

Fit’s Colombian rider Cristian Porras getting a wallride down for their latest Ride BMX print ad to promote the Tech grips.

Fit – Jordan Hango 2013 Edit

This new Fit edit featuring Jordan Hango is straight fire. Jordan goes original and he sure goes big around the Vancouver area and this was filmed over the course of past year. From grinds, to creative stuff and one super wild wallride to end the whole thing.
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Fit Boss-Less Indent 24 2PC Cranks Promo w/ Dan Conway

Dan Conway talks about the new and coming Fit bos-less indent 24mm 2pc cranks and put them on a proper test at this DIY spot and at the skatepark. This is a little lighter version, but just as strong as the original indent cranks. Cranks should be out in March 2014 and will be compatible with Fit’s soon to be released key drive and key drive guard sprocket.
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Fit – Orcas Island Skatepark Session

FIT Orcas Island Skatepark. from FITBIKECO. on Vimeo.

Fit riders, Tom Dugan, Justin Spriet, Jordan Hango and Christian Porras, took a quick trip to Seattle to hit the Orcas Island skatepark and threw some solid shredding done. The skatepark looks so much fun and they nailed down plenty of amazing stuff. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson.
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Bengo Fit Ad

Spotted over at the 4Down Distribution web site, Bengo spinning his Fit Highs bars for the newest print advert.

Jordan Hango Bike Check

A flipbook Fit threw together to show you guys what Jordan Hango’s current bike is all about. Jordan is busy filming clips for Fit’s DVD and for a few upcoming edits, which I am really looking forward to see.

Fit FAF 2.4 Tires Promo With Jared Swafford

Jared Swafford put on the new Fit FAF tires in size 2.40″ and took them to a test session to this fun little skatepark in Tulsa, OK. If your wrists hurt when dropping big then this might be the right pick for you. And one more thing, who doesn’t want fat tires these days?
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Morgan Long Fit Ad

Morgan Long spinning Fit’s Skyscraper bars over the fence on to a parking lot for Fits latest print ad that can be seen in the ?atest issue of the Ride BMX magazine.

Fit – Tom Dugan And Co In Kansas

Fit’s Shawn McIntosh, Jared Swafford, Dan Conway and Joel Barnett took a trip to Tom Dugan’s homeland of Kansas a few weeks ago to get some shredding done at Tom’s local concrete skatepark. They ended up the trip with a nice collection of footage, which is now ready for you to check out. Plenty of goodness in here. Filmed and edited by Stew Johnson.
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