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Angie Marino’s Video Bike Check

Angie Marino hit some concrete and filmed this cool little video bike check for Fit and for you, to check out her dialed looking Mac machine. Angie pulled a lot of grinding in here and she nailed down a feeble grind on a rail (which happened by accident, I assume).
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Fit – Jim Borio Edit

Now this is one really solid web video that I highly recommend you watch it and don’t miss it. Fit’s Jim Borio teamed up with Sean Rosner for three weeks of filming around places of Philadelphia and this is what they managed to get. Tons and tons of really dope stuff. Jim murdered everything.
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Fit – Matt Nordstrom And Justin Spriet Split Edit

Fit’s young guns Matt Nordstron and Justin Spriet occupied Huntington Beach, California and nailed down tons and tons of heavy moves. Both of these guys can go really technical and have so much bike control. The up rail ride to tuck no hander and the feeble to hard 180 barspin catch barspin were kinda highlights for me.
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Fit Added Brown To Their Lo Bolt Pivotal Seat

I know you all remembered the brown railed seat from Fit right? Now they added the brown color to their existing Lo Bolt pivotal seat to bring this ‘old school’ look back.

Dan Conway Fit Ad

You are looking at Fit’s latest print ad featuring Dan Conway putting their new wizard sleeves to a proper use and the pegs, all three of them, after heavy eleven months of grinding.

2014 Fit Signature Series Complete Bikes Behind The Scenes

Fit dropped a quick little behind the scenes look at the photo shot for their catalog with Jeff Zielinski, the crew and the 2014 signature series complete bikes. Get the first look at their new line of complete bikes above and get more info on their web site.
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Fit’s Wax Is Bigger

Fit’s new wax is bigger than yours, it is actually as big as their Key sprocket is, that is 4.5″. For only $6.99 you get 40% more wax compared to other brands. Don’t ran out of wax when you need the the most, buy this.

Ben Lewis Has A Fresh Fit Frame

Ben Lewis’ signature frame from Fit got upgraded with an integrated seat clamp, new graphic and two new color options smoke red and smoke black. To get better photos of the new colors and to learn more about Ben’s frame, head over to the Fit web site and start reading and checking photos.

Ben Lewis Signature Fit Grips

Ben Lewis’ signature grips from Fit are now ready for your handlebars and hands in three colour options, black, red and gum. These grips are 152mm long, and feature an extra soft and tacky rubber.

Fit Wizard Sleeves Out Now

The all new Fit Wizard Sleeves are out now and here is a quick promotional video for the drop announcement featuring Dan Conway taking it to the ledge. These plastic/nylon pegs sleeves are available in two sizes, 100mm and 112mm, and fit all the other 34mm OD pegs. If you would like to try out plastic, but you are not willing to pay for the whole peg, this is a good choice.
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