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Fit X Dan’s Comp Stem And Sprocket

You have probably seen the Fit and Dan’s Comp collaboration High-Top stem and Key sprocket already, well here they are, once again. Pretty rad wrapped in bolts design can freshen your bike and make you bike looks cool. By the way, there is still Van Homan’s bike giveaway going on, if you wanna enter.

Matt Spencer Fit Ad

Matt Spencer aka Tenna balancing on that front wheel, testing out the nightvision Fit FAF tires, for the latest issue of the Focalpoint magazine. If you are having late night sessions all the time, these tires could be perfect for you.

Shawn McIntosh Video Bike Check

Shawn McIntosh Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

Shawn McIntosh runs you through his current Fit/Primo black with rasta wheel sets setup and nails down a couple solid streets moves. Watch it, if you wanna see the new Fit top load stem and the new Primo plastic pedals.
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Travis Cordova Welcome To Fit

Travis Cordova is the newest addition to the Fit family and he has been pretty busy stacking clips around Arizona and California. I like how this edit is not an everyday-edit, Travis does things his own way and he is doing them damn good. The tree ride into a double peg line and that long one footed nose manual/hang 5 were so sick. Guest clip by Troy Blair.
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Fit Vegas Shop Stop

A few weeks ago Fit packed their rail trailer and headed over to the Bike Shop in Las Vegas to get a session done on the parking lot in front of the shop. Ben Lewis, Shawn McIntosh, Travis Cordova, Troy Blair and more were there shredding the trailer and hanging out and enjoying the good times. Check out what riding went down.
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Christian David Porras Edit

Christian David Porras is a Fit connection from Colombia who recently ended filming for his new web edit, that is now live and ready for the world to see it. This guy shreds trails with style, but also know how to use his pegs. The dirt mini ramp looks so much fun.
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Fit Stay Fit And FitLife for $4.99

Guys over at Fit decided it is time to offer their Stay Fit and FitLife video for a bit cheaper price, for $4.99, to celebrate a productive weekend of filming. If you don’t have these yet, now is your chance to expand your BMX video collection.

4Down – Fit Dugan 1 Complete Bike Unboxing

4Down Distribution is back with a fresh new product video of the week series, where they are reviewing the Tom Dugan signature Fit complete bike in Dr. Pepper inspired red colorway along with Tom boosting some big airs.
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School Your Boy With Dan Conway

If Fit says you gotta watch this, than you really need to watch this. Dan Conway is a street machine, but when it comes to clearing a dirt jump, he isn’t the right name for it. On a recent trip to Arizona with Tom Dugan, Jared Swafford, Troy Blair and Travis Cordova he decided it is time to step it up and voila, here is the result.
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Phil Martin Fit Ad

Phil Martin with a tuck no-hander from his latest Fit welcome to the team edit, for this month’s Fit print ad that you will find in the newest issue of The Albion magazine.