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Viki Gomez – Tokyo Ride 2013

VIKI GOMEZ – Tokyo Ride – 2013 from sevisual on Vimeo.

Viki Gomez filmed this amazing flatland edit in one of his favorite places on earth, Japan, to be more exact, Tokyo. With this edit he wants to say big thanks to all his sponsors and community for the support and I am pretty much sure all of us are stoked about it. Enjoy.
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WuPegs By Deco For Flatland

WuPEGS by DECOBMX for FLATLAND from DecoBMX on Vimeo.

In 2014 Deco will be having the WuPegs ready for you guys, but before the actual product drops, check out this promotional video the made and read below what they have to say about it.
“The WuPEG is the only peg you need and with a weight of 69 grams or 2.4 oz. each peg (1.5 version) this will be the only “Homie Hauler” or “Action Bars” you need. These pegs had a stress analysis used to design and test airplanes with aerospace spec info on Alcoa 7000 series including hand picked American 7075 aluminum. Flatland is science. With our scientist’s stress analysis at over 2,000 pounds, our peg does not break. Stay light and stay strong my friends. WuPEG forever.
-SIZES: 1.5 and 1.75 tapered
-WEIGHT: 1.5 – 69 grams or 2.4 oz. EACH. 138 grams or 4.8 oz. PAIR
-17mm or 19mm socket compatible
Pegs sold as pairs with the choice of 10mm and 14mm with adapter version of both 1.5 and 1.75.”

No Flatland At 2013 Texas Toast Jam

It looks like there will be no flatland event at the 2013 Texas Toast Jam. Read below to see what is the reason.
“We thought we had a new venue sorted out for Toast that would have given us more room and we have planned from the beginning to include flat. However, due to some city red tape that venue fell through just recently. Luckily we were able too work out a deal to have Toast at the same lumber yard it was last year. Since the city of Austin is seeing explosive growth right now the lumber yard is busier than ever! It is literally packed with lumber and building materials. The warehouse we used for flat last year is going to be off limits to us. Although it seem like hosting a flatland contest would be the easiest of all events (with no ramps to build) it actually can be quite challenging to find good flat ground. The lumberyard really has no alternative space that we could use for flat. We had considered doing an invite only event in between the ramps on the street course but that seemed to be getting away from the original idea of Toast. We want everyone to be able to have fun and ride. Flat on the street course would mean minimal practice for the riders and only a select group of folks would even get to ride (because the street course is so busy with street).”Odyssey

Holiday Flatland Cup Vol 4 – Kecskemet

Pretty damn good filmed and edited highlights from the Holiday Cup Vol 4 competition, that went down in Kecskemet, Hungary. If you need a doze of great flatland riding, I highlight suggest you you start pressing the play button above and enjoy the riding.
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Adam Kun “My Reality”

I was really looking forward to this one and it is now here. The Adam Kun My Reality web video is out and much better than expected. Top notch filming, editing and of course riding, including a few of Adam’s signature tricks, focused on the unreal Monster Whip.
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Viki Gomez’s New Combo – Frontwheel Fun

One new flatland combo for 2013 from Viki Gomez pulling a wild move on that front wheel and making things look as easy as he is doing them for ten years.
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From Europe With Love – Teaser

Why it is being called a teaser if it is five minutes long you ask? Because Jim McKay has so much footage from his time spent in Europe that he didn’t knew how to call it and I guess it’s a good choice, especially if he will be dropping a lot more of this crazy flatland riding in the near future.
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2013 FISE Montpellier – Flatland Pro By Freegun

This time from Freegun Underwear. Highlights from the flatland pro contest at the 2013 FISE Montpellier. I know we saw a lot from the event already, but it wont hurt you if you watch another one, featuring some of the world best flatland riders.
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Guillaume Feuz Edit

Holly cow. It is ridiculous how fast Guillaume Feuz is progressing in his flatland riding. After only three years of riding he is pulling some insane combos and is bringing out a very enjoyable style of riding. You know, if you are putting a lot of work into something you will definitely start chasing your dreams sooner or later.
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Alexandre Jumelin Documentary

Alexandre Jumelin has been in the game for 25 years now, which is absolutely amazing, and here is a short documentary of him talking about types of BMX riders, his move to America, contests and more along with doing what he likes doing best, riding flatland.
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