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FlatWebTV 2012 Winter Japan Special

“In this special edition of FlatWebTV, Anthony travels to Osaka, Japan to check out the riding scene and interview pro rider and back wheel assassin Tomokazu Morinaga. The Kansai/Osaka locals do their area proud with some great riding (highlights from Fumiya Sasagawa and Ikko Tanaka). Pro rider and FlatWebTV friend Shinichi Kiba (Russia) has a few nice clips as well.”- EverydayParadise..

CFO Flatland Unlimited 8 AM Flat Round 1 Part 1

CFO Flatland Unlimited 8 Amflat round 1 part 1 from Jeastman on Vimeo.

Canadian Flatland organization FU8 Flatland Competition filmed the above edit from the flatland comp at the recent Toronto Jam. Even if the park comp took the most attention, flatlanders still showed some amazing combinations that must not be missed.
1. Moto Sasaki
2. Dominik Nekolny
3. Jean-Francois Boulianne
4. Takuya Higa
5. Alex Jumelin
6. Terry Adams

2012 FISE Costa Rica Flatland Highlights

We already posted a bunch of videos from the 2012 FISE Costa Rica that took place in early February but here is another one. It includes highlights from the flatland competitions, so click play and watch what happened.
In case you missed the pro park highlights, click here.

FlatWebTV Episode 15

FlatWebTV Episode 15: elecTRON, SpaceArk, Alex Jumelin, VOODOO JAM, and more! from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.

“In this under 30 minuets episode of Flatwebtv we take a look at some of the new free-coasters coming on the market, we cover our our favorit web edits of the past few weeks, a very special interview with the legendary Scott O’Brian who give us an inside scoop on the return of VooDoo Jam, we talk about Blake Hicks media coverage, and coverage of the FISE contest in Costa Rica. So sit down, relax, and enjoy for under 30 minuets.”– Everyday Paradise.

Viki Gomez In Madrid 2012

Viki Gomez – 2012 Madrid from sevisual on Vimeo.

Viki Gomez teamed up with Sevisual to film a new 2012 web edit, showing his amazing flatland skills on the streets of Madrid, Spain. Enjoy.
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George Manos – Pegless Flatland In London


George Manos and his unique pegless flatland riding from his trip to London, visiting his friend.
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Viki Gomez – Best Signature BMX Flatland Tricks

Viki Gomez – Best Signature BMX Flatland Tricks from Lore & Pino on Vimeo.

All the flatlands who are out there and also others who are not into flatland here is a sweet new edit featuring Viki Gomez, doing what he does best.
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New Terry Adams Combo

New combo from Terry Adams titled as “Best BMX Flatland Video Ever”.
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One Love Jam 2012

OneLoveJam 2012 from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Here is video from the 2nd annual One Love Jam that went down at Zuma Beach this year. Flatlanders killing the parking lot and they also held down a bunny hop contest, to see how much can a flatlander hop.
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Matthias Dandois In Paris, France

Matthias Dandois’ new edit from his favorite places in Paris, France with special guest clip from Alex Jumelin. I always was and will be a big fan of Matthias, especially now when he started mixing street and flatland riding. Enjoy.
“Someone sent us this video of Matthias Dandois without any information attached to it. I would love to help get them paid for it, so my hope with publishing this today is that the enigmatic filmer and editor will step forward and say, “Hey Brian, that was me. I made that video.”
Props to Matthias Dandois for getting the title of the Michael Jackson “Bad” album tattooed on his right shoulder.”
– Brian Tunney, ESPN.
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