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Viki Gomez Malaga City 2011 Part 2

BMX Flatland Viki Gomez Malaga 2011 Part 2 from PSYCHOSTUDIO on Vimeo.

Here is the second part from flatland rider Viki Gomez riding in Malaga, Spain.
And if you did not saw the first part, here it is:
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Circle Cow 12 Saturday And Sunday

Circle Cow 12 Dimanche/Sunday from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

Here are two quick videos from flatland contest Circle Cow 12. The above video is from Saturday and the lower one is from Sunday. Seen on FatBMX.
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Matthias Dandois 3D Video

This is probably the first ever 3D web video so if you have those 3D glasses put them on and watch this 3 minutes long video featuring French flatland rider Matthias Dandois.

Leo Claro – Ground Tactics

Well this is crazy! Riding flatland with no brakes, no pegs and no cranks and pedals is just amazing. This is Leo Claro’s video for 2011 Ground Tactics video contest.

Terry Adams On Fox Tv’s “Glee”

Terry adams is part of Fox Tv’s show called “Glee”. Here is something he sad about it:
“I was a part of the biggest ‘Cheerios’ number ever put on film. If you’re not familiar with the show, “The Cheerios” are the high school cheerleading team that dance on the show,”
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Matthias Dandois Wins 2011 Circle Cow

Matthias Dandois

Matthias Dandois wins this years flatland competition Circle Cow followed by Joris Bretagnolles on second place and Romain Georges on third place. To check the list of first 8 competitors and for photos from contest visit Global-Flat.

How-To Hang Five A Ledge With Tom Stretton

In this RideBMX’s how-to you get informations about learning a hang five on a ledge by Tom Stretton.
Video by Fat

How-To Mega Spin With BMX Freestyler’s Adam DiClaudio

How to Mega Spin from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

“The mega spin can be considered a basic rear wheel trick. It could take you a few minutes to learn, or several months. The learning curve is different for everyone. Adam DiClaudio gives some great tips on how a mega spin can be done.” -BMX Freestyler

How-To Steam Roller With Matt Wilhelm

In this RideBMX’s how-to flatlander Matt Wilhelm will teach you the most basic flatland trick called steam roller and and can be used in a lot of combos and variations.

Video by Fat

Portland, Oregon Winter Classic Flatland Jam

“Last weekend, the Portland flatland and BMX community at large came together for the Portland Winter Classic Flatland Jam. Due to rain, the jam moved indoors to a dry location, and sessions went down until dark, with riding from the Portland flatland crew, as well as ESPN contributor Jared Souney, and BMX influential Ryan Barrett. There was flatland, there was spine riding and there were even a few wallrides from the likes of a dude named Snotty.” -Mark Rainha
Video by Mark Rainha