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Simon O’Brien’s Next Chapter

Colony flatland rider Simon O’Brien is about to join the Australian Navy, so we wont be seeing him that often on the web, but still, this does not mean he will stop riding his bike. Check a video of him above and than go and read an interview up on the ESPN site to find out more about this decision.

Ahmed Johnson – Stay Motivated

Nothing will stop a true BMX rider, right? Flatland rider Ahmed Johnson is good example of that, after a pretty heavily injured arm he still gets on his bike and does will stuff. I think push ups and Bruce Lee are the things that make this guy strong.

The City Exposed – Two Wheels And Imagination

The City Exposed made a pretty awesome video of flatland legend Pete Brand. Now 42 years old Pete, after several injuries, still rides every single day and keeps progressing. If you need some motivation, click above and enjoy.
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Trevor Meyer 41st Brithday Edit

Can you believe Trevor Meyer is 41 years old? I can’t and if someone asks me how old is he, I would say around 20, at least if I judge his age from the riding side of view. A bunch of fast flatland moves he nailed down on his birthday.

Viki Gomez’s New Combo

Viki Gomez nailed down a brand new flatland combo and he pulled it first try and just in time before the rain started. For a better quality you would need to wait for next couple of days or weeks. Sick.

Taiko Kaneta Lost Footage

Man, I really love how lost footage usually gets really good, but at the same time I get pretty mad, how can footage as good as this, for example, even get lost? But I know, things happen. Taiko Kaneta’s footage was finally found and thrown together in a nice web edit for your viewing pleasure.
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Terry Adams “Retrospective” – Slow Motion Flatland

Red Bull dropped a really amazing web edit featuring Terry Adams, where he tells you a little history of growing up in Louisiana and all packed with some really dope slow motion moves, including Terry’s signature Katrina and Adams Bomb.
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Waldemar Fatkin’s Kill One Lost And Found Footage

This is an older one, made out of some lost footage from Waldemar Fatkin and even being not the freshest footage it still is a killer one. Tons and tons of really dope flatland combos in here, worth checking out.

McDuff Jam II

Jim Mckay just send through an edit from the McDuff II Jam, that recently went down at the famous Oltorf Garage spot and was filmed and edited by Robert Porter. Featuring riding from Mark Dandridge, Nikola Olic, Will Redd, Jim McKay, Josh Deffek, Aaron Frost, Chris Balles, Kenny Boucher, Adam DiClaudio, Paul Magallanez, Anthony Luis Crespo and more. Tons and tons of awesome flat moves, so click play and enjoy.
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Gonzalo “Pola” Bellanti 2013 Edit

Need to watch a really good flatland edit full of heavy moves? If so, watch Gonzalo Bellanti’s aka Polo’s, that he filmed over the course of February and first days of March. Always into sick flat edits like this one. Just enjoy.
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