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Waldemar Fatkin Razzia Part One

Waldemar Fatkin dropped the first part of his Razzia video and all I can say is that it is more than amazing. All the moves he does in here look so easy, but we all know how hard it is to pull all that so clean and so smooth. Waldemar is definitely one of the finest in the game and here is just another proof of that. Enjoy.
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Shinichi “Russia” Kibba – Sharpen Yourself

Before saying anything about this web edit I need to say big thanks to Marko Djuric, for constantly sending me these rad flatland edits. Thanks mate.
Fuck Flatland Entertainment dropped an amazing edit from Shinichi Kibba aka Russia (interesting nickname) to show you the flatland part of his life. This guy is super smooth and the chill out song in the background really makes things even better.
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Mateus Beckmann – Latest Tricks Woth Brake

Mateus Beckmann put on his brake, went out on his backyard spot and filmed all the latest tricks he learned. Mateus is still a young rider but has a sick style and pulls all those combos smoothly and some really slow, that I just don’t know how can he still manage to stay on his bike. Enjoy.

George Manos – A Glimpse Of Madness

George Manos is the guy who rides flatland without brakes and pegs and what he does is next level and simply amazing. This new web edit he came out with is dark and kinda spooky, but includes stuff that I can pull only in my dreams.

Fight The Winter 3 Contest

Global Flat released this video highlights from the practice from the annual Fight The Winter 3 flatland contest that took place in Göttingen, Germany. The riding in here is on top of the level and the guy who rides without cranks really surprised me. Enjoy.
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Blake Hicks – Volume Three Video 1

Mixing lights, flatland and music together makes a one of a kind product that is at one point really enjoyable to watch, but at the other it hurts your eyes. Blake Hicks put some wild lightning system on his bike to show you guys who things look if your turn off the lights. This is pretty awesome. Imagine watching something like this straight for ten or more minutes.
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Viki Gomez Lost & Found Footage 2012

This is the footage of Viki Gomez, filmed in his hometown of Madrid, Spain that got lost, but was now found and ready to watch. Viki’s style of flatland riding is simply amazing and full of unreal combos. Even if the heat was killing him, he still managed to film all this stuff, that you just don’t wanna miss.
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Matti Hemmings Riding Flatland At The Lanes Bristol’s Bowling

Bowling, drinking beers and riding flatland combined together? Yep, you heard it right. I think this is the first time for me to see a flatland rider riding on the bowling floor. Matty Hemmings did it at The Lanes Bristol. This is so good.
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Prototype Subrosa DTT Flat Bike Check

We have seen a sneak peek of the upcoming Subrosa DTT flatland complete bike earlier this months. Now they are back and stoked to drop a better look at their first ever flatland bike and to show you all the parts this bike will have. I guess, the double top tube style frame will definitely help out with flatland riding. Find more on their page.

Pak Tam Welcome To Saint Martin

This is short, black and white flatland edit, that officially welcomes Pak Tam to the Saint Martin’s flow team. Pak has a really good style and goes pretty fast with his combos. This was filmed at his favorite local spot in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
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