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The 4:11 On NOLA 2013

There is some really good riding in this new 4:11 minutes long web edit from a recent flatland jam in New Orleans featuring Alex Jumelin, Terry Adams and friends. This jams look so much fun. A couple of friends having fun on their bikes while car music is playing.
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George Manos “The Humbling” Edit

For me flatland is something unreal and untouchable. All I can do is a footjam tailwhip here and there and that’s all. What these riders are doing is respectful and with the age of pegless, brakeless flatland riding everything gets to the next level. George Manos is one of the riders who rides without brakes and pegs and makes everything looks pretty easy. Watch and enjoy. This is also the first episode in series of webisodes that he and Tasos Kosmatopoulos will be putting out.
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Viki Gomez On National TV

No freaking idea what these guys are saying, but it sure has something to do with BMX and flatland riding. Viki Gomez from Madrid, Spain scored a short little article up on Spain’s National TV, talking about himself and tzhe sport (I guess) along with several combos for our entertainment.
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My Name Is Ralph Macchio

Now this is crazy. I don’t remember seeing a metal song in a flatland edit before. Ralph (Frank) Macchio in a short edit, showing you his flatland skills. This one really surprised me and I think you will get the same feeling.

Flatland On A Granny Bike

Now these are some powerful moves from 23 years old Japanese flatland rider Takahiro Ikeda on a city bike. It even gets more crazier when he takes a phone call in the middle of a combo.
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Aloha Flow

This video, made by Bobby Carter of Diversion TV, was filmed on his trip to Hawaii, where he met up with friends and local flatland riders. Stuff that happen randomly and are not planed are sometimes the best. Featuring Scott Powell, Jesse Puente, Jean-William Prevost, and Bobby K. Carter and the local 808 crew of riders.

Waldemar Fatkin 2012 Flashback

Before Waldemar Fatkin releases his full edit, he wanted to show you what was going on over the past year and to thank everyone for a great year of 2012. He was on national TV shows, competing at various contests and having random sessions with his friends. His fast flatland riding makes me dizzy.

2012 Flatland Highlights By Valentin Flad

Valentin Flad made this video highlights featuring clips from over the past year of various flatland riders. This black and white piece is put together really well. Featuring the Servon crew, Joris Bretagnolles, Kevin Meyer, Jean Gardelle and more.

Alex Jumelin – The Style, The Life

Alex Jumelin is really stylish and pretty damn unreal when it comes to flatland riding, especially when it comes to pulling and inventing new tricks. When you know, that all these tricks were pulled just in one day and that Alex never pulled it before it is just insane. Don’t miss it.
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Adam Kun 2012 Last Session

After a very successful year for Adam Kun, he throws down one last session for this year and wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Adam really knows what he is doing on that bike when it comes to wild and really technical flatland combos. I always really enjoy watching this guy riding.
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