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Video Rewind With Simon O’Brien

Australian flatland rider and one time X-Games gold medalist Simon O’Brien looks back on former video parts and talks about competing at contests, how his style changed, Red Bull “Circle of Balance,” flatland riding in general and more.

Sam Foakes – In Foake-Us

It is time for some more flatland riding. Sam Foakes is one of those guys who can ride no matter what even if there is raining outside and the ground is all wet and slippery, he can still throw down combos.

Scott O’Brien At New Orleans City Park

Scott O’Brien was and still is an all around rider, he can shred street, skateparks, compete at trails contest and also gets some really good flatland moves done. Currently he is focused on his MC work at flatland contest and learning new combos. The one, where he throws his bike around with his arm looks so good.

Two Four Flat – Sunday Cruiser Video BIke Check

Guys over at Two Four Flat are back again. This time Danny Sirkin runs you through the Sunday Model C 24″ bike and later you will witness some great flatland moves on that cruiser from Prasheel Gopal and Mark Kuhlmann. Looks like these guys are really having fun on that bike and stepping it up to the new age of 24″ flatland riding.
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Brian Tunney Flatland 2012

Aaron Nardi filmed and edited this new Brian Tunney edit, that they just came out with. Every time I see a new Tunney edit, I wish it was a bit longer. Brian has such a smooth and clean style of riding and tons of skills. Enjoy the goodness.
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The Bridge Jam Vienna 2012

At the end of September Austria’s and Vienna’s local flatland riders gathered under the famous The Bridge spot to hang out, ride and to have some fun. Guys over at Sevisual were also there to capture all the best moments and to throw them together in this one black and white piece.

George Manos Ars Nocturna

When it comes to really original, creative and unique flatland riding, then George Manos is the right name for it. This Greek, brakeless, pegless, flatland rider learned stuff that you haven’t seen before. I really wish this edit was a bit brighter, because it’s hard to see some stuff properly.
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Terry Adams In Mexico City

Terry Adams recently made a little trip over to Mexico City to get some riding, filming and photo shooting done. Here is just a quick edit, to give you an idea of what went down over there.
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Richard Reichel Edit

If you haven’t seen a proper flatland edit for a while, then you need to watch this one from Richard Reichel. He has a really good style of riding and his list of tricks is also big and wild, like the backwards nose manual or the last front wheel move while standing on the back peg with one foot.

Art Thomason November 2012 Edit

Art Thomason received a new package of some Hoffman Bikes goodies, Bama Bars and Holiday T-shirts. To say thanks, he went out to his back porch and throw down a few new tricks that he is just mastering.