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Flatland At 2012 Texas Toast Jam

I taught that there will be nothing from flatland contest at 2012 Texas Toast Jam, but I was wrong, thanks to Flat Matters Online, BMX Freestyler and Global Flat for putting together these three edits. Watch pro finals above and JF Boulianne’s and pre-jam, that went down before the contest even started, below.

Vans Rebeljam 2012: Complete Flatland Finals with Practice

All you flatlanders out there who are killing yourself because you missed the flatland at 2012 Vans Rebeljam, you can thank Global Flat for uploading on vimeo the whole contest. Skip the first twenty minutes to go straight to the contest runs.

THE Nose Manual

Not long ago we posted a 60 meters (196 feet) long nose manual from Davis Dudelis that blew our minds out, but now this guy (sorry, I do not know his name) went even further, maybe two or three times further. I know it is a little bit easier to nose manual with a flatland bike, but hey, this stuff is unbelievable, no matter what. Be amazed.
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Matt Wilhelm At Home

Matt Wilhelm says that he always rides best at his home spot and here is an edit he recently filmed for Dan’s Comp and Hoffman Bikes including some really insane flatland riding and also the best from Matt to date. This confuses me.
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Michael Van Der Kroft In Rotterdam

Michael Van Der Kroft met up with David Peter from Hungary at this spot somewhere in Rotterdam, where David filmed a few really clean flatland combos from Michael. This guy definitely makes everything look so simple.

Deep BMX Japan 2012 Tour Stories #5

“Like Waldemar said we were at another incredible spot near KO…KOBE! As always many locals showed up to ride with us. After this session we drove up to Tamaos and Hiroshis original hometown Okayama. In Okayama we got invited by the Girl rider B-Fun and locals to a Japanese BBQ! Good times with the Japanese. Now we are heading back to our final tour stop Tokyo – so many good memories this year again!
Special thanks to TAMAO, KOTARO,MUMO, HIROSHI, KOH, KEN & the JYKK crew for making it possible again! Also a big thank you to all local riders at the cities we visited! Peace…”
Deep BMX

Deep BMX Japan Tour 2012

“On our way back to Kobe we had a session at one of Japans finest spots a the Okazaki Mindscape Museum – INCREDIBLE! Later we were invited to Russias and Uchies birthday party in Kobe. The next day we visited another famous Japanese spot – American Parc at the Kobe harbour! Thanks to Spaceark and all the Kobe localsss…”Deep BMX
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Josh Briars In Prague

Josh Briars recently took a small trip to Prague, Czech Republic, to get some awesome clips done around some beautiful street spots. Whoever would like to watch some clean flatland riding, here you have it.
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No More Colony Flatland Products

“Way back in 1988 when I started riding, I primarily rode flatland. I was however one of the few riders that rode flatland & also did ramp, street & dirt back then. Given my links to flatland back in the day, it was natural that I wanted to do a flatland range within Colony as a company. Especially when good friends of mine Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien were without support at the time it made perfect sense to help them out.

Over the years we have supported flatland as much as we can. It’s no secret that the flatland market is a small one indeed. Through our strong position within BMX as a whole we have been able to support this for some time but at some point we needed the flatland program to support itself. Unfortunately this has not been the case & after much deliberation & sadness we have had to pull the plug on our flatland program.

We will still support Shane, Simon & Shintaro as much as possible with our products but we will no longer be making any new flatland products moving forward.

The guys at Flatland Fuel still have some stocks while they last so if there is something you want before it’s all gone, I would at fast.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support throughout the years, we’ve had some of the best riders on the planet ride some of our products & that is amazing to think about. So thanks for the good times & may the they continue into the future. You never know… we may bring out some very, very limited edition flatland products from time to time.”Colony

Red Bull – Circle Of Balance 2012 Japan Teaser

Teaser for the Red Bull Circle Of Balance flatland contest that is happening today Saturday September 8th in Kyoto, Japan, featuring Matthias Dandois, Yohei Uchino and Viki Gomez. If you haven’t checked yet, find more about the event here.
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