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“100 PSI” Flatland Contest In Dresden Highlights

"100 PSI"-Flatlandcontest in Dresden a BMX video by freedombmx

On September 1st 2012. a “100 PSI” flatland contest went down in Dresden, Germany where flatland riders from all over the country came. Above are highlights made by Freedom BMX, from what went down on this 400 m² surface of smooth asphalt and after the jump are results from the pro and amateur contests.
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Phil Dolan – Flatland Life Begins At 40

Check out a flatland edit of 40 years old Phil Dolan killing it at the parking lot to celebrate his 40th birthday. From his riding he sure does not look that he is 40 years old. Hopefully I will be still able to ride my bike at that age.

Terry Adams – Raleigh College Tour

A quick clip from Terry Adams’ Raleigh College tour, where he visited University of Carolina-Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University and talked to sports marketing classes along with a few flatland moves.

Dew Tour Ocean City Flatland Highlights

Finally the video higlights from the Dew Tour Ocean City flatland where Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois were battling each other for the first place. At the end Matthias bet Terry and went home with a check for $5,000.
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London Flatland Riders

“A small group of us were looking forward to showcase ‘Flatland’ at the opening show of the world’s largest athletic competition in London this year.
We are a small percentage of the acts which were cut, but rather than let all the practice go to waste, we went out last weekend to shoot a quick film featuring some of the riding we would’ve done in the given space and time.
We really wish London, the UK and all the good people involved all the best of luck with the forthcoming events for 2012!”
– Emer BMX

Ares Bykes – Matthias Dandois One Day Edit

Matthias Dandois is back with a fresh new edit he filmed over the course of one day with Hironao Doko for Ares Bykes. It’s always amazing to watch Matthias ride with his one of a king style of flatland riding.
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How To Whiplash With Terry Adams

“Terry Adams flows across flatland with surreal style and one of the absolute deepest bag of tricks, the whiplash being a classic to learn for riders of all levels. The trick to the whiplash is getting to the halfway point. Once you let go of your frame with your foot and place it onto the front peg, you need to shift weight and take the other foot off the peg and receive the frame on the return. Terry doesn’t describe this a a brake trick, so try learning this one without them! This one may take a few tries, so watch Terry break this one down professionally in this Step By Step.”Alli
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Valdemar Fatkin On G-Flat In Moscow

I am not exactly sure what this guy, Valdemar Fatkin, is talking about, because I do not understand it, but it’s worth posting it, because there is some great flatland riding in it.

[Flashback] Whip It With Matthias Dandois

Matthias Dandois’ flatland riding is definitely on another level and so it was back in March, 2010 when he had a session at the Legendary Oltorf Garage for BMX Freestyler. So many unbelievable combos that I recommend you to watch, in case you haven’t already.
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Terry Adams SLU Oak Tree Session

Youtube description:
“Professional flatland BMX rider Terry Adams hit up one of his local riding spots on the SLU campus in his hometown of Hammond, Louisiana, for an afternoon session in the shade. Here’s a few of the new links and combos he managed to throw down…”
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