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James Smith Edit

James Smith gets down some awesome flatland moves in front of Phil Arntz camera, which Phil tried out for the first time. What came out is this very well filmed and edited edit. Really enjoyable.
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FISE 2012 BMX Flat Pro Final – Alex Jumelin 1st

It’s time for some flatland from FISE in Montpellier, France. Check out Alex Jumelin, after having a few problems, getting done some ridiculous moves on that flat space.
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The Green Mile – The State Of Flatland In London

Albion sat down with Jason Forde to talk about The Green Mile, the holy ground for UK flatland riders, flatland scene in London, the One Wheel Motion Jam and more.

JoMoPro 2012 – Best Trick Contest

“This year an experiment was held in the form of a Best Trick Contest. 17 riders from 5 countries lined up in a fast paced format. The idea was to push the sport and riders to bring new tricks and ideas to the table. This video features some of the best moments that I was able to capture during it. It was one of the best things I’ve seen at a contest in years, and I hope that the concept catches on.”– JM McKay.

Odyssey Flaware Waltz & Tango Frame + Hobby Bar Available Now

The new Odyssey flatware Waltz and Tango frame and Terry Adam’s signature Hobby bar are available now.
“Our Flatware page has some new updates and additions. The Waltz has an update look and now comes with a straight downtube. To complement it is the addition of The Tango, which features a longer top tube and chainstay. Last but not least, Terry Adams‘ has a new signature bar. The Hobby Bar has a classic two piece design and is available with or without backsweep. Perfect for flatlanders and even older street riders who are resisting the big bar movement.”Odyssey.

Flatland Session With Lea Dobrowski

ESPN posted up a photo gallery from a flatland session with 25 years old Lea Dobrowski from Cleveland, Ohio.
“Her riding, which now includes every possible steamroller variation on top of unique combos such as half boomerangs to footjam tailwhips, has recently landed her a spot on the Hoffman Bikes Crux Division. Now armed with a Hoffman Bikes Kevin Jones signature Strowler, Dowbrowski has plans to eventually incorporate many more rolling links into her arsenal of tricks.”

Raul “Rulo” Figueroa Edit

We really like posting a very good flatland edit up here and this one is just that. Raul Figueroa aka Rulo came out with a new edit filmed in autumn 2011 in Norfolk, Virginia, throwing down tons of good moves. Enjoy.
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Viki Gomez Conquering London

Exclusive Sports Media TV were honored to spent some time with flatland world champion Viki Gomez on his visit to London. Watch Viki above while pulling some wild combos on the streets of London between the passing by people.
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Pro Flatland Riders Warming Up For JoMoPro 2012

“Terry Adams, Bo Wade, Takahiro Ikeda, Dominik Nekonly, and Matt Wilhelm sent in iPhone clips they shot while sessioning and getting ready for JoMoPro. The contest is now less than two weeks away and we can’t wait… See you there!
Also, we are stoked that Profile Racing has come on board as a sponsor this year! They have been in the game for a long time, and their cranks can’t be matched!”
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Tomas Darder & Marc Viso Edit

“48 horas” -Foveal Vision- from Foveal Vision on Vimeo.

We don’t post much about flatland up here, but what we post I think is very amazing. Watch this split edit featuring Tomas Darder and Marc Viso riding spots in Mallorca filmed in just 48 hours. Just beautiful.
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