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Shane Weston 2014 Fly Bikes Web Video

We all know Shane Weston, if not in person then from the world wide web, and we all know how technical and how crazy he can get. If you are a random person walking by Shane when he fails pulling a trick, you will probably get scared. Why? Because he is screaming like a vocalist from a death metal band and there is a good chance he will throw a bike. Despite this he is one super technical and extremely creative rider. Have you even seen a nollie to hang ten up on a ledge? Shane Weston pulled is as clean as possible in this new 2014 web video from Fly Bikes. Soon after landing a spot on the team Shane got a chance to put out his signature line of products, called the Isla line. More about his signature line can be found on the Fly website.
Now start watching this madness and hold tight.
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Fly Bikes – Matt Roe Signature Line

Matt Roe – Signature line. from Flybikes on Vimeo.

The style and the creativity from Matt Roe sure deserves as much shine as possible and Fly Bikes offering him a signature line is something he deserves 100%. Fly will be offering Roe’s signature tripod seat and stem along with a few other products to make your bike go with style. To promote the stuff here are two minutes of smooth and stylish footage you do not want to miss on this sunny Sunday.
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Fly Bikes – Devon Smillie’s Signature Line Promo

Devon Smillie – Signature line. from Flybikes on Vimeo.

Devon Smillie coming out with yet another really amazing and really technical web video, this time promoting his signature line from Fly Bikes. There is so much good and mind blowing stuff in here, but I will go with the 180 to over icepick to 180 as my favorite. Pick your best one and tell it in the comment section below.
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Devon Smillie Bike Check

Make your way over to the Fly Bikes web site and check out this dialed looking bike setup from Devon Smillie in details, check the parts list and also read about his style when it comes to clothes.

Fly Bikes Coastin – Behind The Scenes

Do you still remember the amazing three part Coastin video series from Fly Bikes? If you don’t, watch part one, two and three now, because it is ridiculously good. Now they dropped thirteen and a half minutes of behind the scenes which are as good as the original videos. Featuring Stefan Lantschner, Ruben Alcantara, Devon Smillie, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Chris Finnigan and Courage Adams.

New Fly Bikes Web Site

If you haven’t checked it already, make your way over to the Fly Bikes new web site and take a look around. They did a good job with the site, making it really clean and smooth.

Fly Bikes “Distractions” – Ruben Alcantara

Distractions | Ruben Alcantara from Flybikes on Vimeo.

Every single time something new pops out from the one and only Ruben Alcantara, you simply know it is going to be really good and it wont be disappointing. It is the same with this new Fly Bikes “Distractions” video they just released, where they asked Ruben why he rides and what goes through his mind and filmed some smooth and stylish dirt and concrete clips. Enjoy.
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2014 Fly Bikes Catalog

Fly Bikes 2014 products are about to drop all around the globe and before they arrive to your local shop flip through their new and really amazing catalog they just drop on the web. This catalog is that much better, because it includes shots from their recent Coastin trip along with rider’s comments and of course product photos.
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Fly Bikes Coastin Part 3

Here is now the third and final episode of the Fly Bikes “Coast” series and like all other two part it is amazing as hell. Maybe even the best one of this trilogy. They put their hand-made ramps to some seriously good use and shot tons of amazing clips to get this last piece of the puzzle done. Enjoy.
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Fly Bikes Coastin Part 2

The second part of the amazing three part web series from Fly Bikes, called Coastin, just dropped and it is as amazing as the first one. Stefan Lantschner, Ruben Alcantara, Devon Smillie, Matt Roe, Kevin Kalkoff, Chris Finnigan and Courage Adams all came out with plenty of awesome stuff. The whole DIY idea is so sick. Enjoy.
Seen on TCU.
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