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Focalpoint – Jason Watts At Woodward West


Last year Jason Watts spent a week at the Woodward West and completely destroyed the place with his fast and extremely high riding. Focalpoint just dropped the web edit and it is packed with good stuff. The nac-nac nose manual and the nose manual “on the seat” were sick as hell.
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Into The City – Mixtape #1

I was really looking forward to these new web series from Focalpoint and Cooper Brownlee, that are entirely filmed in Melbourne, Australia, titled “Into The City.” The first mixtape has just dropped and it is incredible. Really well filmed and edited with a big amount of crazy good street moves from riders like Marnold, Cooper Brownlee, Jack Kelly, Daniel Johnson, Lachy Swanton, Luke Parker and others. I highly suggest you to hit play and check this one out.
When you are done with watching, there is a great photo gallery up on Focalpoint from filming this piece, worth taking a peek.
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PRMYXFP Video Contest Winner – Ole Kristiansen

We have seen a lot of good entries for the Primary Threads X Focalpoint video contest, but it looks like it was Ole Kristiansen’s that got the most points from judges. If you missed it, you can watch above, it really is good.
“We are stoked to announce the winner of the PRMYXFP video competition, we were overwhelmed with the amount of entries we have received and the effort everyone went to for their video entries, truest awesome! The winner is Ole Kristtiansen with a dialed video produced by Robin Helgesen. Everything about this edit was on point and although there were other video’s a very close 2nd this one came out on top from the judges that we had help with the decision.
Again thanks to everyone that got involved and as an extra thank you Primary Threads will be sending out a couple of T-shirts and sticker packs to all the guys that entered. So that being said can all entries please email me ( with both the filmer and riders Tee size, an address so we can send the pack out to and also confirm what video you submitted. Once again a huge thanks goes out worldwide!”

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Daniel Johnson Division Brand Advert

Division Brand’s latest advert featuring Daniel Johnson aka DJ pulling a rad toboggan over a rail, to promote the Formosa forks. This ad is featured in the newest issue of the Focalpoint magazine.

PRMYXFP – John Dominick

We have already seen a lot of entries for the Primary Threads and Focalpoint video contest that is open to the whole world and here is another one featuring John Dominick. Street only of course with a lot of hot moves and a pretty dope toothpick hangover grind down the rail for the ender.
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PRMYXFP – Orus Bronson

I really don’t know much about this guy, Orus Bronson, but I know this is his entry for the Primary Threads and Focalpoint world video contest. I assume this is his local skatepark, so he knows every inch of it and did some nice riding for this quick clip.
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PRMYXFP – Ole Kristiansen

This is one of the best entry for the Primary Threads and Focalpoint video contest featuring young shredder Ole Kristiansen. Style for miles, smooth tricks and solid lines along with great filming and editing are making this one proper piece. Filmed and edited by Robin Helgesen.
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PRMYXFP – Jax Anderson

Here is a new entry in the Primary Threads and Focalpoint video contest featuring Jax Anderson, filmed and edited by Josh Anderson (his brother?). Jax has a really dope style of riding and pulled a lot of hot moves for this short video clip.
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PRMYXFP – Jake Ward

Here is another entry for the Primary Threads X Focalpoint video contest featuring Jake Ward. Jake and Dylan Godfrey needed only a couple of days to make this one happen and it came out pretty sweet. Maybe a bit relaxed, but it includes some nice stuff.
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Primary Threads X Focalpoint – Nathan Parker

Nathan Parker and Brad Little got together to film for Primary Thread’s and Focalpoint’s video contest. They didn’t have much luck with the weather but in a little more than a day they managed to film some really nice clips at trails, the Hermitage Trails (Nathan’s personal jumps) and made one really enjoyable web video.
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